The final predictions of the Billboard Hot 100 (FIFTY FIFTY No. 19)

1. In America, Cupid is really popular

2. Daebak… I hope they make a lot of money and release better songs~!

3. Will it be the highest ranking among female idols?

4. The song is good, I hope they do better in Korea

5. I really like this song

6. I wish that HYBE or big companies would support them

7. The song itself is good, but the members sing well and their personalities are cute

8. The song is really good. Personally, I prefer the English version

9. Wow, I hope they make it to the top 10

10. What is the highest ranking of K-Pop girl groups on the Hot 100?

11. Wow I like this song so I listen to it every day too

12. Wow, is it better than BLACKPINK? Daebak

13. Seriously awesome

14. This is the miracle of small and medium agency

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yeah thanks to payola 😂 nobody around me knows it


What payola? It’s literally viral and gaining more than 1 million streams daily in US Spotify alone


Its got pushed by playlists. Of course its got viral but its would be lying saying its got tons of streams without playlists.


It got good playlisting because it was viral on Tiktok which lead to rising on Spotify charts.

Tiktok Viral➡️ Increase Spotify streams ➡️ Playlists


Funny thing is though, it has twice as many US spotify streams as OMG at its peak, is one of the top songs in the country on Spotify and it’s 70 on Apple Music US. Shouldn’t it be way, WAY higher? I thought we used apple music as a metric of whether or not a group has payola? Or is that only groups we know aren’t one hit wonders?


it’s just payola 😂


Love dive was pretty similar stream like OMG, ditto back then, but it got no playlisting at all. Today top hits usually being paid. Cupid also use ads on youtube. Of course its not a crime use playlists. But saying its no payola at all really straight up lying. They even being signed under company that behind dua lipa n charlie puth. Jisoo flower also still on today top hits despite having similar charting with jimin like crazy but jimin like crazy already no longer on TTH for weeks already. You guys are so naive thinking its free to be on playlistings lol.


I’m not denying that getting playlists can be paid by the company, for example Newjeans. OMG is still in the biggest playlist TTH for 5 months now even if it’s out of Top 50 Global chart, meanwhile FLOWER and LIKE CRAZY are no longer in TTH playlist even if it’s still charting in Top 50.🤷🏻‍♀️ But to be fair, Ditto and OMG did so much better than Love Dive when it comes to Spotify charts, both NJ’s songs stayed longer in the Top 50 Global while LOVE DIVE didn’t, it free fall, not to mention OMG and Ditto also went viral on Tiktok. So it’s not surprising that LOVE DIVE did not got TTH Playlist.

please don’t compare 5050 to Newjeans when it comes to payola. NJ’s songs got TTH playlist a week or 2 weeks after it released, meanwhile CUPID had to get viral first before they got playlists too


thanjs to tiktok, 3 versions & 800 playlists 😂😂😂 lmaooo


Ofc…with those continous marketing, no wonder its viral . Its getting so annoying that everytime I try to see a viral tweet, those Fifty Fifty ads would pop up.


How Does it feel living in mountain 😂


I live in California but thanks anyway


then you must be a retard with 0 friends💀 cause this song is literally going viral and any person under 25 who doesn’t live under a rock probably knows or has heard it at some point…




Lets see if they would get the same hype when they release new song or they could be stayed as “one hit wonder”

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

If they climb to above #13, they’re gonna beat the mediaplay girlies 🤭

John Xina

Didn’t even need collabs or to fuck Jeremy.


that’s what we call organic

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