The final predictions of the Billboard Hot 100 (FIFTY FIFTY No. 19)

1. In America, Cupid is really popular

2. Daebak… I hope they make a lot of money and release better songs~!

3. Will it be the highest ranking among female idols?

4. The song is good, I hope they do better in Korea

5. I really like this song

6. I wish that HYBE or big companies would support them

7. The song itself is good, but the members sing well and their personalities are cute

8. The song is really good. Personally, I prefer the English version

9. Wow, I hope they make it to the top 10

10. What is the highest ranking of K-Pop girl groups on the Hot 100?

11. Wow I like this song so I listen to it every day too

12. Wow, is it better than BLACKPINK? Daebak

13. Seriously awesome

14. This is the miracle of small and medium agency

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