The final ranking of 2022 MAMA’s first vote

The final ranking of MAMA’s first vote

Combined with Spotify

1. Wow, Stray Kids is really after BTS these days

2. Stray Kids’ overseas fans are really rude

3. Treasure’s ranking is high

4. Have they removed the illegal votes?

5. Why is Psy’s ranking so high?

6. Well, there are a lot of changes

7. The votes on Twitter have been deleted??? Why did the ranking change?

8. Wow, I was amazed at Psy’s rankingㅋㅋㅋ

9. As expected from BTS

10. I didn’t know Stray Kids was so popular

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Pannkpop don’t you wanna beat pannchoa in the popularity race. Just get that blue tick and be a little ahead of them.




Those downvoting me are that bich pannchoa supporters😡


grow the fuck up


You coming to this site, reading whatever tf some knetz think about the mama rankings shouldn’t tell a person who is literally having fun to grow up.
I wasn’t dragging any of your faves until or unless you stan pannkpop or pannchoa. Then I can see why you so angry. Like it wasn’t my fault your idol couldn’t pass the sm auditions with her robotic ass dance.
But if you don’t stan any of them I don’t know what you doing under a troll comment to begin with. Maybe you have a lot of growing up to do if you really can’t distinguish between a normal or troll comment.
Btw it’s not a restriction for anyone to troll around anywhere. Maybe loosen up a bit you seem quite stick up. Must be fun at parties I can tell.


psy being in top 20 is funny tho. who even voted for him 😭


I think the results include Spotify streams, Twitter votes and YT views as well.


I guess armys helped him in streaming youtube & spotify then. because his rank in pre-vote was very low and the website vote is 50%


In voting and music BTS always the top as well 🔥🔥


Army don’t forget to vote bts idol plus, mama and amas💪‼️


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