The gender percentage of girl group fandoms these days

TWICE: female – 54%, male – 46%
Aespa: female – 76% , male – 24%
ITZY: female – 55%, male – 45%
Red Velvet: female – 67%, male – 33%
Kep1er: female – 73%, male – 27%
IVE: female – 66% , male – 34%
(G)I-DLE: female – 67% , male – 33%
STAYC: female – 76% , male – 24%
fromis_9: female – 20% , male – 80%
Loona: female – 59% , male – 41%

Based on Aladdin

1. This is surprising.. ITZY has a lot of male fans

2. JYP female idols always seem to have good gender percentages

3. ITZY has more male fans than expected and Kep1er has more female fans than expected

4. Personally, I’m curious about LE SSERAFIM, do you know anything about them?

5. Don’t female fans usually buy albums?

6. I’m surprised by ITZY and STAYC

7. Wow, TWICE and ITZY have good gender percentages, as expected from famous girl groups

8. I’m curious about BLACKPINK too

9. If you look at this, there isn’t a big difference in the gender percentage of JYP groups, and SM has a lot of female fans

10. ITZY has had a lot of male fans since their debut

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Low-key surprised Twice male % is still around 50…. with how people talk these days a muggle could assume they dropped off a cliff and we all know male fans move on way faster to newer and younger girl groups more than female fans


It’s important to remember that certain parts of the internet in Korea’s K-Pop fandom go to great lengths to make it seem like TWICE are always flopping.


Twice still on ruling side if we speak now. Male fans movement to another fandoms doesn’t seem to affect twice. But what I am seeing today is twice fandom is actually growing more bigger stronger and stable day by day.


personally i think for le sserafim, their fanboys is more dominant because everytime i watch their music show, fanchants from fanboys are so loud, but i might wrong


Yeah…I think atleast 60% males,40% females


their image and marketing is super male gaze so I wouldn’t be surprised


I’m surprised RV’s isn’t more unbalanced. Their fangirls (including me lol) are really loud.


Loona’s gonna be on the rise then. The more female fans they get, the better.

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