The group is #1 in first week sales, Stray Kids is invisible on the Billboard Hot 100

The group is #1 in first week sales, Stray Kids is invisible on the Billboard Hot 100

“Interesting facts:
Stray Kids is the first K-pop group to have 3 albums at #1 on the Billboard 200 but no songs on the Billboard Hot 100!”

Billboard Hot 100 – flop
Melon Daily – flop

What a weird group

[+437, -96]

1. [+282, -20] But who built this group the image of a group with good digital abroad? Just look at Spotify, this group is similar to TXT, Seventeen, ENHYPEN (even these three groups have higher monthly listeners than Stray Kids)

2. [+276, -11] But if they sell so many albums, isn’t it normal for their songs to be popular and known by everyone?

3. [+262, -12] It’s so weird

4. [+255, -17] Is this different from just selling albums?

5. [+197, -4] But who really bought 4 million copies?

6. [+182, -4] I guess the fans are also tired of listening to their music

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5. [+197, -4] But who really bought 4 million copies?



and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why numbers will always talk for themselves

considering the sales they had, if the numbers would’ve been accurate to the actual size of their fandom, they would’ve entered the chart. easily. even a cute lil 90-100 entry would’ve been sufficient.
but they’re didn’t. just inflated sales to feed their fandom’s ego of stanning the “biggest 4th gen group” or whatever song they’re singing these days lol ridiculous and humiliating regardless of how they’re trying to twist the narratives now


They got 18versions. Kpop groups has tons of versions to debut no1. Their fans bragging about spotify whole streams, but its because they have alot of songs but no hits.

I also feel the reason why jyp not yet debuting new bg because they afraid skz fans jump to new bg easily. Its very clear their own fans dont really stream their songs.


90-100 entry is not sufficient 😭 At least a top 50 and I’m being generous. How do you sell so many albums in the Us but can’t chart.


It’s also very funny how they also brag about how their first three entries on bb200 is at #1, a notoriously east chart to make with as few as 2k pure sales. There are entries on BB200 that were released DECADES ago. Is it really a brag to say that a “popular” kpop group couldn’t sell enough to beat out Usher Confessions or Garth Brook’s Greatest Hits to be within the TWO HUNDRED most popular albums of ONE week?


the desperation of this group AND their fans is so embarrassing. skz was giving free pcs to people who bought their album in US and stays were changing their addresses to US


They are group with Stan attraction factors, but the music is just not listenable.


4th Gen Got7


Can thier stupid fans just shut up? They acting like they don’t understand the problem and calling their favs organic. Nobody in the world don’t give a f*ck about skz and their fake achievements.

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Ladyboy Lisa

Living up their fraud kids name 😅


Stays the one using vpn to stream. I am not surprised if their china fans bought their US albums using US address as well. BTS sales match their stadium tour in US. Its mean BTS hardcore fandom in US so huge while skz just use tons of versions to juice the sales.


The biggest portion of Bts’ fanbase is probably their US fanbase.


JYP needs to be investigated for their fraudulent album sales.


Hybe too


nope only yg


YG is the weakest among the Big 4 when it comes to album sales tho. I know you are a BP anti, I don’t like them either but let’s get facts here.


these are the rankings for labels best selling albums. This is literally a report for this.


Nope. Hybe can chart. JYP & SM too. Both need to be investigated


even if army does manipulate the chart you gotta have enough human participating to make it work. this why flop stans are always all preach zero practice yall never actually care how the system work


For album sales, its already clear. Many fans bought many albums just to win
fanmeeting raffles or other benefits. A group with many member will be more beneficial to sell as fans are interested in collecting their bias PC. An album with no member PC probably discarded.


it’s all thanks to 578589890 versions & mass buying 😂😂😂


& that’s why charts are against bts? use your brain!


BTS really makes charting on HOT100 is so easy to accomplished

Teenaged puppy

Fraud group should be investigated

Teenaged puppy

Kys quickly


The way this website doesn’t get enough attention and need skz to bring it up clowns. Korean netizens will eat their words like the piece of shit they are. These netizens even whole of Korea. My friend said they are popluar in Korea too so eat shit pannkpoo


My question actually. Who bought all the albums?. They not charting anywhere, where are all ppl who bought the albums go?


fraudkids always proving the allegations! whose doing it like them!! #goals #kings


Need to mention skz everytime this website fails to get any attention. It’s so embrassing 😭😭😭

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