The hate campaign against V and Jungkook has been exposed

The hate campaign against V and Jungkook has been exposed

The hate campaign against V and Jungkook, and leave malicious comments on Weverse

Some comments on Pann

[+224, -188]

1.[+170, -76] Isn’t this crazy?

2.[+164, -73] They even did this

3.[+158, -70] ?

4.[+109, -4] Jimin’s fans are weird

5.[+40, -4] All BTS fans know how bad Jimin’s fans are

6.[+40, -3] Jimin’s fandom got mad when V attended Fashion Weekㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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all bts akgaes are terrible , doesn’t matter if the kr side is ‘innocent’ the chn side is ‘unproblematic’ like all of you are terrible and sick for saying all these vile stuffs about the other members while the member YOU solo stan are being comforted or comfort the other members in every struggles they are facing in the industry or in their personal life ! just because YOU don’t have friends or does not have any good friendships in real life DOES NOT mean you can put your view of friendship on these people BASED on the things YOU see on dvds , reality shows , variety shows or whatever clips that out there ☝🏻All of bts are literally encouraging each other for their individual activities and all of them likes to see each other thrives in their solo endovaurs and for these akgaes to make it a competition and shade them .

case closed everyone , wishing all of the akgaes who says vile stuffs about any of bts members a terrible life btw 😁


I also think that all solo stans are bad, why would you aim to share what solo stans are doing. It’s getting out of hand. I hope solo stans fuck off

hate akgae

why cant this fandom accept that all akgae are trash but jimin’s akgae are on another level of trashiest worse akgae ever. and just because they are not loud doesn’t mean they’re ‘better’. I dont see the fandom called them out as much as they did with jungkook or tae’s akgae.


that’s my sentiment. all the akgaes are terrible but jimin akgaes really take it to the extreme.
they’re the ones who tried to “expose” jungkook for hanging out with the tattoo artist and also blew the whole itaewon incident out of proportion.
jikook shippers but especially jimin solos still actively “support” v and jennie because they love messing with v’s fans. if you check the telegram or followers for the gurumiharibo person, almost most of them are jimin akgaes or jikook shippers.

jimin used to be the one who received the most hate, but these days it v that gets the most.

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But I wasn’t done…

I think they take turns being the trashiest solo fans but Jimin’s fans have been terrible for about a year now. I think because Tae and JK have had promotions going on Jimin solos feel threatened and lash out. When Jimin gets his song out the other two fandoms will lash out. It’s a circle of hate


I have interacted with every bts members solo stans but jimin solo take it to next level… they are the most vile and disgusting one amoung bts but armys never call them out but you’ll see them constantly calling out tae and jk solo’s… I really don’t get it… jimin solo stans get away with a lot of bullshit.


it’s not just calling out solo stans.tae is getting all sort of hate for more than a year now but when did they clap back!? when blonks made that nasty hashtag about jimin.
i didn’t even know the hate campaigns against jungkook were from jimin akgaes cause no one called them out.i really don’t get it too.they really get away with everything.


“All solos are trash” ok we get that, but when the conversation is about tae or jk’s stans, armys get on it as soon as possible, but with jm’s stans they ignore it, I think bc jm has this angel image that they think his stans are too, they are the most disgusting breeds in stan history, and the majority of other armys don’t care about the evilness of jm stans because they hate most on those two members, but like it or not no hate intended, u shouldn’t throw jm under the bus like that, tae and jk stans are far more powerful so it’s a losing battle


Solo stans…..


All solo stans/akgaes are bad. Solo stans themselves are the only ones having arguments about who is worse when that doesn’t even matter. You are all insecure losers who are mad about the fact that all BTS members are loved and popular.


Ffs, JMs, JKs, KTHs, all are rotten. One stan tries to pointing finger on who’s most terrible, no you all solo stans are all in this together, you all belongs to the same disgusting & rotten circle. No need to compete on whose more toxic, all of you have the same level, standing together in one podium where the level is the same. You all are the worst & deserve the Thanos fingers snap extinction 😛

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