“The hottest idol among muggles these days = NewJeans” Do you think NewJeans has surpassed IVE?

Do you think NewJeans has surpassed IVE??

NewJeans has surpassed IVE – Upvote

NewJeans still hasn’t surpassed IVE – Downvote

[+783, -230]

1. [+130, -169] The gap between IVE and NewJeans is bigㅋㅋㅋ Has NewJeans ever had any song that was #1 on the annual chart? Did they get the Daesang yet? What were their first week album sales?ㅋㅋ

2. [+76, -3] She’s not even a fan of NewJeans, she’s just a hater who makes 4th generation female idols tear each other apart

3. [+76, -2] Don’t feed the trolls

4. [+72, -68] I’m not a fan of NewJeans, but the gap will be bigger next year since it’s a 2 vs 5 battle, right? IVE is just a group that lives off of Yujin and Wonyoung, but NewJeans is getting bigger and bigger

5. [+48, -104] NewJeans is at the peak of all generations, not just the 4th generation

6. [+37, -48] NewJeans has surpassed IVE.. The gap is getting bigger and bigger, IVE depends on Yujin and Wonyoung, but the 5 members of NewJeans are all doing well

7. [+34, -7] Just the hottest idol among muggles these days = NewJeans. There is no other answer

8. [+24, -7] What is certain is that NewJeans is better regarded by the public, whether it is skills or achievements

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honestly speaking, they’re at the same level of popularity actually


I think in Korea they’re, but internationally, NewJeans is way bigger. I’m still impressed how well known they are.


They are well known thanxs to bts and hybe but if you look at the fandom ive are still bigger even internationally.


but we all can agree they’re the top 3 4th gen gg rn along with aespa

I've yujin

Stfu no one cares about plastic outdated hags aespa.
It’s ive, new jeans and le sserafim as top 3

I've yujin

They really aren’t.
In ive only wonyoung is big

Newjeans is more popular


Yall are saying this but name me any member from newjeans other than minj that is more popular than rei for example? No one


You think Rei is popular internationally or in even in Korea???
Haerin is pretty big or even bigger than Minji when you remember fandoms. Shes always the first when it comes to that or views and Hanni is there behind or sometimes second.
Not to mention Wonyoung and Yujin got 4 years of debuting + mnet popular show after the craze that wanna one got. Ofc they will be more popular.
Now let’s talk about how only WY and YJ are the only relevant members in IVE and how Yujin is still behind internationally. Le sserafim members are more popular than her internationally and catching up or already did on instagram with million or more likes. Yunjin alone has more likes than her or even Wonyoung often when she got way less followers. Mind you NJ debuted only 6-7 months ago and already doing great and you think REI is more popular than all nj members??? LMAO. Only WY is popular and talked about internationally and google statistics prove that. There’s a reason Wonyoung and friends term exists.
Ador is only allowing group cfs and only luxury brands for a solo and it’s only their first year. It will be way different when it will be a time for solo promotions. Starship can’t allow only group promotions since they are not that big. I’ve stans are too brave cause big 4 don’t allow solo promotions for their it girls otherwise it would be way different results. Look at how Yuna went viral for her You go girl cover while it was nothing but comments criticising Wonyoung for giving nothing on stage but wanting to look pretty from knetZ and insta.


Naur you mentioning ig and izone likes, but you omit the privilege of both groups under hybe and their company stans dickriding is the main reason why ive can’t be bigger because they doesn’t have a company stans dickriding the groups, hybe with the money from bts buy every brand to NewJeans while ive is growing organically in the world of brands. Mentioning Lesserafim is so forced here when in general ive got better album sales and chart performance so company stans liking and following them on ig are irrelevant. IVE is fine for how incompetent starship has been.

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Bruh…Minji isn’t even the most popular in korea rn, its Haerin (if you look at their views and likes)….and hanni is also well known & popular internationally
I would say the least popular are Danielle (bcuz she’s wasian) and hyein (bcuz she’s still young)but they were still able to enter top 10 in Brand reputation so I won’t really say they’re not popular

White cat

I think In korea is ive and international is new jeans


4th gen gg have a fierce competition


I agree witht he comments saying that IVE thrives bc of Yujin and Wonyoung, and a little bit of Leseo. I like the group and think they have good songs, but if the ex izone members were not there, they would probably be a nugu group, they dont have nothing that separates them from every other group besides those 2 memebers. Most people of the GP could not name other members of IVE but they probably know the NJ members. IVE has more awards and fans but NJ is a stronger group


The same goes for newjeans if they are not in hybe they would be in triple s level not even in stayc level. Ive privilege are wonyoung and yujin while nj’s the company. Also ive members are well known in korea they all were in the most searched idol in 2022 along with aespa and bp lol


That might have been true fore their debut, but saying that they would be at tripel s level is lying, they revolutionatized the industry with 3 songs, they are topping every chart and even surpased the biggest gg’s streams for last year, there is no denying that NJ is a stronger group. I did not say that IVE is not popular, but in the gp New Jeans is the top, the “kang haerin is weird” is a meme even across 40 year olds, IVE does not have that level, they are famaous within teens and 20 yrs old.


There’s like a 7 months gap of ive and nj debut. Ive was popular at first but since ditto nj is now more popular.


Nj just comeback. When ive comeback you will see


Guess what, they are both doing well because they both have good music. As long as they keep the quality going, both groups will continue to thrive.
I hope companies start to realize how important it is to have good music. High budget productions and fancy marketing do help, but at the end of the day, a Kpop act does well because they have songs that appeal to the audience.


And then when IVE has a comeback and does even better than last time they are going to switch it up again. And then when Baby Monster comebacks and does better also they will again switch it up. You would think by now people would get with the script. Every time a top group comes back they are suddenly the leaders again /rolls eyes





Saint Seungri

IVE just a stack of popular ex izone members and 4 another random filler members 🙂 new jeans seems more like a group, at least they can sing and dancing they have much better visual unlike fat pig liz and other fillers


Oh you are sick


both of them will flop next year 😂
itzy & aespa will FUCKING HUGE between 2019 & 2021 then flopped
4th gen ggs fame don’t last long


When did Aespa “flop?” And Itzy literally is getting more and more fans with each comeback. Their physicals keep going up with every comeback.


this kind of conversation is getting more boring every time, they bring it almost every month


Nj is d list without bangtan transfer stans who token stan them. They still can’t fill music shows even though tickets are free.

Ive’s fan concert is still quite small, like an amphitheatre or snsd’s reunion. It’s smaller than gidle’s concert, which is smaller than mamamoo’s, which is smaller than tbz, which is smaller than twice or skz.

That’s objectivity. Yujin, wy get more ads & they get paid for it. Nj’s nepo is quite obv and they almost certainly don’t get paid or get paid cheaply for the bangtan affiliated deals like macs or the designer. They prob can get paid for the street fashion types or what study program types that they wouldn’t do for free cause there’s no flex value. But all of Ives olive young or makeup ads are all the types that would pay. So nj might get the nepo flaunting no-pay deals but Ive gets paid.

Baby monster, peak time, pd 101 reincarnated, sm ngg, nct Tokyo are all coming so any of them can shake the market. Kwon eunbi-loona-wjsn grp also just debuted so they prob are a big fandom for a c list. So that’s also another.


NJ is obviously the most popular 4th gen gg now


I wish the downfall of ive along with kakao, both are trash


The way this was posted to hate on IVE considering who the site admin and most fans on this site are. IVE is extremely popular and so is New Jeans. Leave both groups alone and stop dragging groups by the hair. Messy assholes.

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