The idol album that brought V to CEO Min Heejin

“I wanted to show a different side of my music compared to my past works and collaborating seemed like the best way to achieve that. f(x)’s Pink Tape was a big inspiration, I reached out to her the moment I recalled it.” – V

K-pop legend, f(x) – Pink Tape

1. Seriously, it’s the album that represents Min Heejinㅋㅋㅋ

2. Pink Tape is legendary of all time

3. Min Heejin = Pink Tape that comes to mind first

4. Legendary

5. Pink Tape is a masterpiece

6. Pink Tape is a masterpiece of all time

7. It’s perfect for V’s sensitivity

8. I’m really looking forward to V’s album

9. When you think of Min Heejin, the first thing that comes to mind is Pink Tape

10. Isn’t Pink Tape a concept that everyone wants to try?

11. Can’t wait for V’s album!!!!

12. Pink Tape is just a masterpiece

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