‘The Idol’ ended yesterday, the finale review by Guardian Magazine

“One of the worst programmes ever made”

1. And Jennie’s acting is so bad

2. I can’t listen to The Weeknd’s songs anymore;

3. And I can’t listen to The Weeknd songs… Why did he do that?

4. It will be dark history for all the actors of the drama

5. The Weeknd gave up the tour to do that sh*t…

6. Except for the quality of the work and the story, Jennie did a great job in her acting

7. I can only think of The Weeknd’s face… I want to forget it

8. The Weeknd’s acting is so bad..

9. No, stop mentioning Jennie. Is this Jennie’s drama? She’s just a supporting role;

10. Because of this p*rn, I can’t listen to The Weeknd’s songs, BLACKPINK too

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