‘The Idol’ ended yesterday, the finale review by Guardian Magazine

“One of the worst programmes ever made”

1. And Jennie’s acting is so bad

2. I can’t listen to The Weeknd’s songs anymore;

3. And I can’t listen to The Weeknd songs… Why did he do that?

4. It will be dark history for all the actors of the drama

5. The Weeknd gave up the tour to do that sh*t…

6. Except for the quality of the work and the story, Jennie did a great job in her acting

7. I can only think of The Weeknd’s face… I want to forget it

8. The Weeknd’s acting is so bad..

9. No, stop mentioning Jennie. Is this Jennie’s drama? She’s just a supporting role;

10. Because of this p*rn, I can’t listen to The Weeknd’s songs, BLACKPINK too

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Loved seeing slutnie the whore of Korea being dragged. Deserves


blink denial as usual

Seungri Oppa ❤️

Lack of Seungri Oppa ❤️ to act caused low ratings. Just having Jennie is not at his level.

Teenaged puppy

Dragging Abel but coddling the Seoul cycle. She’s just as terrible as Abel.


Blink everytime the idol new ep: jenie carried the show! Jennie outshine main acts!

Also blink: “No, stop mentioning Jennie. Is this Jennie’s drama? She’s just a supporting role”

Clownery, in your area?


This whole drama was such a crap. From the story to the cast. Like what was the point. The ending doesn’t even make any sense. Wtf do you mean the abuser became a fvcking victim. You literally portrayed a woman who was getting se×u@lised too much as a fvcking manipulator. Meanwhile the man who was doing all sorts of despicable acts with her was manipulated? How does that even make any sense.
Sam Levinson and his fvcking sick mind. Wouldn’t be too surprised from Weeknd seeing how much of the deranged lyrics he writes and sings for the women. He would obviously act in something like this. Didn’t expect Lily to act in something like this. Like girl your father is fvcking johnny depp! No matter how his reputation is going on you would still get better offers as a debut than whatever this crap was. Use your nepo card atleast wisely! Jennie, I don’t even think that woman was even thinking. Like Weeknd and Lily and other people aren’t coming from a conservative countries and are always open to these exposures and even their own countrymen are saying that this was absolute shit show. And girl in what right mind you thought this was the best drama or movie for your Hollywood entry. Your acting was not good no matter how small the role is. People were only mentioning you cause of your toxic fanbase who could get angry in little things and can’t take any criticism. Idk like if they want to strike dramas out with no trace maybe include this in that tray too. Even one star for this is too generous.
At the end of the day your morals are shown with the choices you take. And the cast who chose this, you have already exposed it.


I don’t understand her fans. She treats them with the utmost disrespect with her lazy performing, but they protect her even after the porn series.


they are brain dead


The fact jennie bore no responsibility for her part in taking this role and it’s depictions shows that she is treated better than any male member of K-pop ever was. She doesn’t get to hide behind feminist hate because if a male idol or any other female idol participated in this shit show they’re be backlisted in Korea. Plus the fact that she thought she was too good for Korean audiences (award shows, concerts, tv shows) she would be public enemy number one. She should praise YG as a god for the protection


the creatures who worked on this show are all disgusting and deranged freaks. deserved backlash and deserved to flop.


I like how blinks act like jennie is the victim. Jennie is a grown woman, not a girl. She’s almost 30. She knows what she’s doing. And it’s not like she doesn’t have money or starpower to reject it. Even if she was like 23 like Lily, I could’ve sympathised with the blinks. But bfr

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