“The importance of voting” 1st place on Music Core today

1st place on Music Core today

10 points

Kai got 1st place
STAYC got 2nd place

1. Jongin-ah, congratulations on getting 1st place

2. Congratulations to our Jongin on winning 1st place

3. Kai really works hard, I hope he gets better

4. Kai’s expression is so sincere

5. Wow the fans are amazing

6. His fans did so well, and of course I support solo artists who always work hard. The fans are amazing and the singer is amazing too. Congratulations!

7. Well, the importance of voting

8. I like Kai’s song this time

9. Jongin-ah, congrats on your 1st place!!! I’m really proud of you

10. Jongin-ah congratulations!!!

11. I also voted for Kaiㅋㅋㅋ

12. I really like the song

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more like the importance of a big fandom, even if a small fandom voting like crazy they will have a high chance of losing if they’re against a big fandom that is like twice/triple their size .


His song is not even top100 on melon lol. His fan even call bts solo a flop


Yeah both exo and bts solo are flop, don’t bash kai when jhope did the same. At least rover is good and fun to listen to


j-hope’s ‘on the street’ is still in top-20 tho


Meanwhile slvthyung the vvh0re with ceos and woonga :

Choose your fav btwink

Fav btwink?
Uglykook – the muscular manly twiink
Pigmin – the most aunty autotune twunk
Hagjin – not tiwnk but added to fill collage
Twinkhyung – aka slvthyung most talentless twnink


What is this? The dedication lol. They are so pretty. Thats why you’re jealous lol

Choose your fav btwink

Pretty??? Lol
Jungloo looks like an uglly man.
Jimin looks like aunties.
Twinkhyung looks like a w h 0 r e

Last edited 2 months ago by Choose your fav btwink

Jungkook “looks like a man” because he IS A MAN, a handsome man. You idioto

Last edited 2 months ago by Kingkook

How sad are you to go and edit males into females, and then call them ugly… Wtf?


shut up and quit playing on faceapp, retard

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