“The importance of voting” 1st place on Music Core today

1st place on Music Core today

10 points

Kai got 1st place
STAYC got 2nd place

1. Jongin-ah, congratulations on getting 1st place

2. Congratulations to our Jongin on winning 1st place

3. Kai really works hard, I hope he gets better

4. Kai’s expression is so sincere

5. Wow the fans are amazing

6. His fans did so well, and of course I support solo artists who always work hard. The fans are amazing and the singer is amazing too. Congratulations!

7. Well, the importance of voting

8. I like Kai’s song this time

9. Jongin-ah, congrats on your 1st place!!! I’m really proud of you

10. Jongin-ah congratulations!!!

11. I also voted for Kaiㅋㅋㅋ

12. I really like the song

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