The incident that made BTS receive a huge psychological shock

“… Always be the first to say hello and greet everyone, the sunbaes and the hoobaes, but some people just ignored us and passed right by. Or mocked us for not even being candidates for top place.” – BTS

1. The best revenge is success, so it’s great that they worked hard and succeeded

2. Idols mocking idols? What’s up with the idol industry?

3. They worked hard and I’m glad they succeeded

4. BTS’ sunbaes and hoobaes who mocked them back then.. What are they thinking now?

5. I was a muggle at the time, but when I didn’t even know they were BTS, I remember them as idols cursed by every community

6. I’m proud of BTS’ success, I can’t even imagine how much pain they had to go through at that time

7. Those sunbaes and hoobaes seem to be sick of BTS doing so well right now ㅋㅋ

8. They mocked BTS for not being a candidate for #1…? I really can’t imagine

9. Things like that are still happening now..?

10. BTS must have suffered a lot

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