The incident that made BTS receive a huge psychological shock

“… Always be the first to say hello and greet everyone, the sunbaes and the hoobaes, but some people just ignored us and passed right by. Or mocked us for not even being candidates for top place.” – BTS

1. The best revenge is success, so it’s great that they worked hard and succeeded

2. Idols mocking idols? What’s up with the idol industry?

3. They worked hard and I’m glad they succeeded

4. BTS’ sunbaes and hoobaes who mocked them back then.. What are they thinking now?

5. I was a muggle at the time, but when I didn’t even know they were BTS, I remember them as idols cursed by every community

6. I’m proud of BTS’ success, I can’t even imagine how much pain they had to go through at that time

7. Those sunbaes and hoobaes seem to be sick of BTS doing so well right now ㅋㅋ

8. They mocked BTS for not being a candidate for #1…? I really can’t imagine

9. Things like that are still happening now..?

10. BTS must have suffered a lot

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I just got my copy and am still in the middle of reading but it’s been such an eye-opener of a good read so far. I’m so proud of their efforts and how far they’ve come.

And while success is a great revenge, their ability to rise above petty grudges and focus on their own selves and lift each other is even more satisfying and praiseworthy (they are definitely better than me in that regard 😅).


I have some guesses. But I could be wrong. Maybe they could be Ikon, BAP


uhm no…. bobby did something but i dont think bap they were on the same level evenm worst because bap were mistreated so badly by their company.

probably big 3 idols..


Definitely BB and SJ


But some members said to bigbang is their role model and they took picture together. And suga is close with suju heechul and former member zhou mi .

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internet introvert

They’ve also forgiven that dude that bullied JK so badly ON CAMERA. Be for real, BTS are better than most people when it comes to forgiveness. After all they got the best revenge. Success.


These boys are so forgiving that using “oh they took a picture together” is not sufficient evidence of true friendship. They take pictures with everyone they


Nah…its only a few of them. Before, Shindong from SJ always acted so mighty in front of hoobaes. He brought that misleading issue BTS plagiatized exo concept to his show and asked BTS in front of the camera. He even admitted it. He admitted that he wasn’t that nice to BTS. And Exo…some of the members are just trash u know. They know they are from Big 3 and a golden group at that time, so they acted all must bow to them.


I think not from BAP. They been close with BTS since debut especially Jin and youngjae. Jin always hugged him everytime they meet at music show like how he greeting Ken and Sandeul (all of them is online game crew and they used spotted several time have drink n eat together at restaurant).

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If the shoes fit.

My Euphoria

So many Cinderellas… 😤
So proud of Bangtan. 💜


Those who mocked and treated them badly would now kill to have a quarter of the success and international prestige that Bangtan has. The best revenge is success. 


It’s people like you that shouldn’t exist, fan of bullies.


Well that explains alot about u

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

makes me laugh thinking how all that superiority complex was for nothing (for both idols and their fandoms alike). bts on top of the world while those people are either inactive or flopping.. I’d say everyone got the karma they deserved idk


The inferiority complex 🤣


If u ever feel like you are not intelligent? Take a look at kpop stans and thank god that u aren’t them.
The most idiotic, illiterate, vile and lowest breed i’ve seen in my entire life.

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99% of kpop idols are/were extremely jealous of BTS and it showed during award shows and tv programs back then. Every fandom tryna prove their idols weren’t haters because BTS took pictures with them… like be serious. To this day BTS talks to and takes pictures with people who admired or are documented as being disrespectful to them in the past.

The only active idols (and correct me if I’m wrong) that seemed to be happy or truly supportive of BTS back then were Twice, MMM, indie artist and maybe FX


Delulu rat


Your faves when they submit their pots and pans noise to the Grammys


Taeyeon / SNSD too. BTS even named her as the inspiration for Boy In Luv title, and she got hate from a certain boygroup fandom for posting Idol on her ig story lol


It’s funny how most of their support came from female idols but they make idols could only see competition when looking at BTS


Ppl saying it’s NCT should realise those boys are actually getting mistreated by their own company. They don’t have time to belittle someone especially for their company. When in many occasions they have confessed several times how they wished to debut under a small agency rather than in SM. They would have been atleast for treated like a human being. The only belittle things they say about is directed towards SM.
NCT is not a bad boy group y’all want them to be. Yes they have done some problematic things but they have apologised for that too. When they debuted BTS was already a big thing in kpop. There is no way in hell they will go and be disrespectful to a popular senior. 127 were so happy when they were acknowledged by Jin during kbs festival and thanked him profusely. And that free drink thing was not what y’all thought it was. Ppl merged two different instances and presented it as something. It was a racist thing they faced. It was not only racist towards them but towards BTS as well. If you don’t like Nct it’s okay. We all have different opinions towards people. But don’t make them into something they are not. NCT despite debuting in SM have always been friendly towards small agency bgps as well as ggps. Hell they never even stood in front in any award show or music show and went towards back. I have seen various SM grps straight head towards the front but never saw anything like that in NCT. It was a first thing which made me curious about them. Despite their debut under SM they never gave a vibe of SM artists. Most of the times they were in their own world even now. Believe me they are the last ones who would go ahead and disrespect BTS or any other group or people. You don’t have to like them but don’t spread baseless rumours about them. We don’t know who did this to BTS. Pretty sure karma had already caught to them. But one thing I am pretty sure it’s definitely not NCT in bgps. And twice in ggps. They are polite idols. BTS shouldn’t have to go through any of this. This is pretty heartbreaking and they are valid to write this in their book. But please don’t use this to bully innocent idols or groups. We don’t know the culprit behind it so it’s not fair to go harass someone who is most probably innocent.


Not to mention SM made Taeyong go into a severe panic attack during the mama award show. Because they said to that teen that if you don’t win this rookie award then you have failed as leader. Taeyong just last year discreetly opened up how SM treated NCT like a product than a human being. The reason why NCT boys kind of rebelled and are rebelling now too is the main reason of the mistreatment they received from SM.
SM brainwashed them during their rookie era that award is everything and if you don’t receive it then you are a failure. And those boys always thought of themselves as something like a failure in their initial days. But after 2020 it was good to see them rebel against those standards and are happy to be as they are. Even if they don’t win anything. Please don’t drag NCT into this. They have already suffered enough and are suffering till now. SM have always been horrible towards them as a company. The chances their senior groups or even junior groups got they never got them. Despite debuting under a big 3 company they never experienced the luxury of any comman big 3 group.


Downvoters I hope everything bad happens to you🥰

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

pretty sure people are downvoting you because literally no one mentioned nct. or half the groups yall swear armys are accusing of bullying bangtan.
the only ones that were initially mentioned by armys and catching strays were exo (for various reasons), bigbang (for the way their families and company have both behaved), super junior (mostly bc of fuckass shindong) AND IKON’s Bobby (thou their fandon managed to get the whole group dragged out of sheer stupidity) and B-Free, which were both actually name dropped in the book.

that’s IT. the others are just fandoms desperately trying to feel included in the conversation by willingly getting their faves dragged.


The chapter that refers to the disrespect by even juniors because they were from a small occurred before NCT even debuted, so yeah, it wasn’t NCT.


*small company

John Xina

Will they be mocked now? Y’now since they aren’t candidates for number 1 anymore.


i mean you’re doing it now


Now BTS can mock anyone like army mocks other groups, they and their fans are hypocrites

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Yes and we hope BTS mocks your faves some more

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