“The K-pop crisis is caused by the absence of BTS” Isn’t Bang Si Hyuk too arrogant to say this?

Isn’t Bang Si Hyuk too arrogant to say this?

Bang Si Hyuk “The K-pop crisis is caused by the absence of BTS… Attempts to return to activities in 2025”

“The growth of K-pop has stopped and the crisis has come”
“The reason is there is no BTS”

He talks as if BTS is about 90% of K-pop

The reason why BTS is so great is that they’re really sincere

I don’t think to the point of saying that K-pop wobbles because of the lack of BTS

Furthermore, I don’t think it’s polite to other artists and fandoms

K-pop culture is built up step by step from sunbaenims over the past 30 years

[+323, -395]

1. [+302, -35] He’s right, isn’t BTS the one who paved the way in the West?

2. [+281, -17] But it’s true that BTS is dominating the K-pop market

3. [+262, -28] It’s true, BTS is overwhelming overseas

4. [+239, -18] Leaving aside Bang Si Hyuk being hated, it’s true that BTS dominates all foreign music markets..

5. [+52, -0] BTS is popular, but K-pop is not. But is it really necessary to have a sense of responsibility to make up for the absence of BTS? Just as singers like Michael Jackson and The Beatles never appeared again, I think BTS might be remembered that way later

6. [+41, -10] Who are those sunbaenims?? TVXQ, Big Bang?? Dogs passing by will laugh

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WhatsThe Point

He’s right, whatever he said is right. BTS is too big


He said NJ is gonna replace BTS too


He never said that

WhatsThe Point

He never did, and we’ll see where NJ is in 3 years


Rookie NJ already outdid rookie bts, sit down


every single btch who debuted in kpop outsold “rookie” BTS ur fave aint special
this gps fandom is making that tweet of “bp makes music for dumb ppl” about themselves now congratulation really

dot com bubble

Rookie EXO outdid rookie BTS too, look at who is found flopping on the side rn lmao sit down


is bighit in 2013 is hybe in 2023? πŸ˜‚
girl you sit down please


rookie nj would’ve disbanded if they debuted under 2013 Bighit status. sit down.


that’s MHJ’s mediaplay. Bang PD never said that


newjeans barely bring 1% of hybe’s profit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sure they will RePlaCe bts


BTS far eclipses even the 2nd most popular kpop act, so I’d say it’d be more ignorant to say otherwise.

Your name

The truth hurts


Ewww this guy is so full of himself..nobody care about bts anymore…no one gonna be affected by their absent..there are tons of talented and well known idols that are currently active..


‘no one cares about bts anymore’ – said by antis camping in every bts post lol

dot com bubble

Nobody cares about BTS anymore but look at most posts on here, it’s mostly BTS


you care πŸ˜‚

White cat

No matter what yall want to said. The sale, stream, and concert statistics all show how far bts from the whole kpop industry


Lmao….getting eaten up by knetz


knets are supporting him lol πŸ˜‚

BTS for Casting Couch

There are several other K-Pop groups that are able to compensate for the absence of BTS. These include BLACKPINK, EXO, TWICE, MONSTA X, Red Velvet and NCT 127. All of these groups have achieved huge success and popularity in the Korean music industry, and have helped make K-Pop a global sensation. The Korean music industry will still be vibrant without BTS, as there are other popular K-Pop groups that can pick up the slack.

dot com bubble

Nobody is picking up the slack wdym lmao. No one else is entering the BB Hot 100 top 10, no one else is attending the Big 3 US award shows, no one else is sweeping the daesangs, no one else is topping the US iTunes, no one else is having a full-on stadium world tour, no one else is selling 4 million albums. Who the hell is picking up the slack πŸ˜‚


wtf? πŸ˜‚ all of them are flops


truth hurts 😒 keep crying

Saint Seungri

the boy is losing money while his pokemons go to the army and fail in solos πŸ™‚


his words are too arrogant if you just look at the headlines…
but reading the whole thing, it’s actually correct with minor bragging rights…

anyway, i don’t agree with his words about kpop crisis…. (maybe more like hybe crisis without bts as a group )…

kpop globalization in the west maybe affected HUGE by BTS but Kpop has growing community even before BTS. now of course the growing community is rather small and not aiming for the whole billboard or spotify chart which didn’t exist back then.

i remember older idols cry just because he/she recognized by a few people when the groups visit other country. the era without current internet of course. now, you’re called flop if you enter top 100 and not top 5 or top 3.. lol

i don’t see any possible crisis for the older groups because they have already fanbase.. but I do agree with the next generation. more debuting groups aiming for billboard right from debut is already a crisis on its own. but other than bts bp and a few of big 3 big 4 groups ( that most are struggling ), i don’t see anything extraordinary yet,


I don’t know but exo’s data seems a bit fishy 🧐

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