The Korail employee was fired for secretly accessing BTS RM’s personal information for 3 years

[Exclusive] Korail, the employee was fired for secretly accessing BTS RM’s personal information for 3 years

1. Since RM’s personal information was leaked, HYBE should sue Korail and that employee

2. Of course that employee should be fired

3. Now let’s punish those who sell celebrity flight information

4. Well done… Now let’s go to the airport… They openly sell all the information there, let’s investigate and fire them all

5. Shouldn’t HYBE sue that employee?

6. Please arrest all those selling celebrity flight information

7. Wow what is this? That employee stole RM’s personal information for 3 years?

8. That employee needs to be severely punished

9. Not once or twice but 3 years????????

10. But why does he take the train instead of the car?

-> Namjoon doesn’t have a driver’s license

11. Aren’t the airlines the worst? Why do sasaengs know the flight information?

12. Let’s investigate the airlines

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Why these kinda things happen to Rm a lot ?

Logic Thinker

Now Hybe please sue that employees and let him go to jail.


you deserve to be jumped tbh


Why isn’t the company suing??


They already released a statement about bts privacy and they already gave an update for another lawsuit but didn’t direct which lawsuit they referring

WhatsThe Point

Firing is not enough, sue that employee and everyone else involved. Privacy invasion for 3years is no joke


Committing a crime and invading someone’s personal space and life for 3 whole years just to get off with a scolding and being fired, wow. Hope HYBE goes ahead and sues.


Take them all this time to fire them when that should have been done first.


And you deserve a rope and a three legged chair


Did it take them this long to finally fire a guy who already admitted it? If so, what kind of job security do Korail employees have bc places here would’ve cut ties the moment it came out.


Being fired is not enough. I need him to be ruined


I meant the korail employee needs to be ruined. In case anyone jump on me because they misunderstood

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