The Military Manpower Administration will change special military service provisions after BTS enlists

Director of the Military Manpower Administration, “BTS is also serving in the military… Special military service provisions for sports and arts may be eliminated”

1. What does this have to do with BTS? Did BTS save the country? ㅜㅜㅜㅜ BTS only enlisted because they had to

2. I guess they can’t write anything without BTS

3. The removal of special military service provisions is correct

4. I think it is right to eliminate special military service provisions

5. Honestly, winning awards and medals is their honor but why should they be exempt from military service?

6. Times have changed so it seems right to remove special military service provisions

7. Comparing with idols is so funny. What is BTS?

8. The Military Manpower Administration can’t talk about military service without BTS. They mentioned BTS before they enlisted, and they mentioned BTS after they enlisted. Do they mention BTS even after their discharge?

9. What does BTS’s military enlistment have to do with this?

10. I don’t know what BTS’ military enlistment has to do with this…

11. When will they stop grabbing BTS’s hair? I guess they will continue to do it even after BTS is discharged from the military

12. Why is BTS there????

13. What does BTS have to do with this?

14. I feel sorry for Bangtan

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