The most confusing picture of LE SSERAFIM Chaewon, Eunchae

Who do you think she is?

1. I think it’s Chaewon

2. Of course it’s Eunchae

3. I think it’s Eunchae from her hair, and I think it’s Chaewon when looking at her face

4. I don’t think they look alike, but looking at this picture, I really can’t tell them apart

5. I thought it was Eunchae, but the answer is Chaewon right?

6. Isn’t it Chaewon?

7. As soon as I saw this picture, it was Eunchae, but who is it?

8. She’s Eunchae, right?

9. She looks like Chaewon, but I’m confused because she has long hair

10. Looking at the length of the hair, it’s Eunchae

11. I think it’s Chaewon

12. I recognize Eunchae because of her phone, but she looks like Chaewon

13. They really look alike

14. Wow, she looks like Eunchae, but there are more people confused than I thought

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