The most popular Korean girl groups voted by the Japanese in 2023

1 TWICE (557 votes)

2 BLACKPINK (210 votes)

3 LE SSERAFIM (94 votes)

4 IVE (54 votes)

5 Mamamoo (49 votes)

6 Kep1er (36 votes)

7 ITZY (34 votes)

8 NewJeans (29 votes)

9 Aespa (18 votes)

10 NMIXX (15 votes)

TWICE is overwhelming
BLACKPINK is doing so well and Mamamoo is unexpected

[+126, -35]

1. [+81, -24] Aespa is so popular though

2. [+64, -4] For real, I’m a muggle who loves girl groups, but why are the comments so mean towards Aespa..???? Is it because they will be performing at Tokyo Dome??

3. [+63, -4] Do you guys think this is reliable?

4. [+56, -1] Why isn’t Kara there?

5. [+23, -10] Aespa’s popularity is low, how the hell do people go to their concerts like that..? They haven’t even debuted in Japan yet, so how can they hold concerts at Tokyo Dome…?

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twice #1. wbk

Jon Xina


super sally

The only one who is accurate is Twice, I don’t know about the others though.


I also don’t know about the rest man. I only know it’s legit if twice are on top in these jap based surveys.


I only know about Twice popularity. They are super duper popular in Japan. Don’t know about the rest tho. I mean I am not even a Twice fan. But you can not deny the fact they got the biggest popularity in Japan among other kggps with a big margin.

dot com bubble

Twice is #1 among ggs there no doubt, Lesserafim, I’m assuming is high because Sakura is very popular in Japan, the rest, idk.


lol sakura is not popular in japan. chaewon has more fans than her. sakura’s popular among southeast asians who remember her from hkt days


SEA don’t even know HKT be serious 💀

jennie spreading her legs 4 streams

Sneaking in tankpink like we wouldn’t notice


tbh Twice is the only gg here who keeps on giving they actually deserve the biggest gg title than Lack pink I mean what did those girls do to become popular? their songs are mediocre and they can’t perform

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