The most popular male idol groups according to Japan LINE survey

By generation


1. BTS is a foreign group but they are #1 among women of all generations

2. Why is there no Arashi? You said they stopped promoting, but I think they’re still promoting with an English single. Isn’t Arashi always at the top of this survey?

3. Tokio is amazing

4. BTS is amazing, they surpass all Japanese singers

5. I wasn’t surprised to see BTS, but what happened to Tokio and Kinki Kids?

6. BTS’ popularity is amazing, but Tokio is amazing too;

7. BTS’ popularity is crazy

8. I live in Japan, but when I go to the convenience store, there are a lot of things related to BTS, and the people around me even know the BTS members’ names, even those who don’t care about K-pop

9. I think I know Japanese idols so well, but I’ve never heard of Tokio

10. BTS is crazy.. This is why Johnny’s is trying so hard to imitate BTS

11. Kinki Kids is still popular. I really liked them when I was a kid

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And nothing for kflop


Not only BTS, that BT21 will reign Japan sooner or later


Too bad actually bts haven’t got the chance to meet j-armys offline since pandemic , they deserved 20 tour dates there 👤


Within Army, J-Army is really great. 

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