The most popular member of BTS is Jungkook?

The most popular member of BTS is JK?

I thought it was V, but why was JK’s solo album more successful?

1. V’s dating rumors broke out and there was a reversal

2. No, what I’m really curious about is does popularity ranking matter to them?

3. It’s not because dating rumors broke out that Jungkook is the most popular member

4. Jungkook and Taehyung both have successful solo albums and they are so popular

5. Why are you curious about this and why are you questioning it?

6. How do the kids here know that??

7. I saw JK so I thought it was Tiger JK

8. I thought Jimin was the most popular member

9. Tiger JK?

10. I think it’s Jimin

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no, it’s V


I thought it was well stablished long time ago that jk is the most popular


What does it matter? They are all successful but music wise jk has popular music taste so more gp ppl generally like jk album. Like V album and genre is more niche and it still did really really well

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