The most popular members of current male idol groups that you can’t deny

The most popular members of current male idol groups that you can’t deny

EXO Baekhyun
Seventeen Mingyu
NCT 127 Jaehyun
NCT Dream Jaemin
TXT Yeonjun
Stray Kids Hyunjin
The Boyz Juyeon

[+66, -59]

1. [+28, -13] For BTS, it’s not V. I think it’s Jungkook even though I’m a fan of other idols

2. [+27, -16] It’s not V but Jungkook, V has a lot of antis

3. [+21, -10] Honestly, isn’t the most popular member of BTS Jungkook? I’m asking because I really don’t know

4. [+10, -6] The most popular member of BTS, V and Jungkook tied for 1st place, 2nd place is Jin

5. [+7, -10] For BTS it’s Jimin, the more popular you are, the more haters you will have

6. [+6, -9] Isn’t it Jimin for BTS?

7. [+3, -9] I’m not an ARMY but I think Jimin is the most popular member in BTS

8. [+3, -4] I agree, but isn’t it Kai for EXO? He’s the most popular

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for BTS i think the maknae line have similar popularity. it’s difficult to know who’s at the top no matter how hard their solo stans fight


Agree, maknae line vminkook have similar popularity, that’s why the war between their akgaes are always out of control..

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Exactly. It is really hard to determine which one is at the top. It’s pretty much similar atp


Agree, if you look at Spotify rank you’ll find that they have strong fb at different countries, yeah they’re pretty much equal in terms of popularity

Shu yan

For zb1 I think it’s zhang hao


BTS ml line runs the popularity charts but it really comes down to V and Jk. In social media it’s V but in music consumption it’s Jk. Imo


Ion know because Tae’s unprompted songs be having longevity and big gp support. I think the fandom consumes JK’s music more but GP consumes Tae more. Both are good to have.




Obviously in music cuz of dozens of features/ collab unlike v who still stick in ost 3 years ago. Excited for v solo cb

WhatsThe Point

Tae has hardly released music so saying it’s jk in terms of music consumption is not right. Especially when jk has been releasing music in the period tae hasn’t.


Good point. But still the fandom seems to support jk’s music more than Tae which makes it seem like he’s more consumed like the other user said.

WhatsThe Point

And tae’s music has more longevity cuz it’s consumed by gp as well


V is popular, other nooooo my fav is popular bla bla bla. Kim Taehyung is always have less lines but no matter what with 2 lines he shines and stood out!

Teenaged puppy

Jennie too


fck that btch

GG superior

V is only famous for being pretty. Not as an idol


He’s famous for both and you’re mad. V has more idol fanboys and girls than your fave could ever hope to have and that’s because he’s an amazing performer and idol, him being handsome is just an extra fuck you to your flop faves

GG superior

I don’t stan bgs so why would I be jealous of this boy? Lol
It’s very clear this V is famous mainly for his looks.
None of his songs are known, but what’s known is that he’s cute and comes with bunch of crazy fans and y/ns.


You’re jealous because why is his name in your mouth if he not wrecking havoc in your mind.

His songs not known but he has consistently charted on melon and charts on billboard which is more than your flop ggs can do. Unprompted ost and gifts for fans nearly getting all kills and you’re here lying on his name?

The nerve of you twinks coming for Tae ‘s fans as y/n when that’s 99% of all gg fans because I know y’all not stanning for the trash music. Keep it sexy, pooh


The indenial and excuse members solo songs r also unknown except their group song.


Kim taehyung being the most popular is not new barely having any collab/ features for how many years he can still be relevant and popular among his peers


I like Kai

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