The most popular music app in Korea

Melon > YouTube Music > Genie Music > FLO > VIBE > SoundCloud > Spotify

1. Spotify is so good

2. I switched from Melon to YouTube Music

3. It’s been over two years since I switched from Melon to YouTube Premium, and I’m so satisfied

4. Bugs wasn’t even in the rankings????????

5. Bugs is good, but why is ‘Bugs’ not in the rankings?

6. Apple Music’s recommendation function is good and the sound quality is great

7. Because I like foreign singers… I use YouTube Music, and it’s very convenient

8. Spotify is so good, but it’s too expensive. Should I switch to YouTube Music?

9. I switched from Melon to Apple Music

10. Melon chart is a mess these days, so I switched to YouTube Music

11. I’m using Spotify and it’s so good

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From my own experience, Apple Music offers better sound quality than YouTube Music, and YouTube Music still offers better sound quality than Spotify. But I have to admit that Spotify in general is more user friendly and it has richer songs library. I can’t find some songs in Apple Music that I usually listened to in Spotify which is quite disappointing. But tbh I’m very very satisfied with Apple Music sound quality so I don’t think I’d move back to Spotify anytime soon.


Spotify is the Netflix of music streaming services. The UI is so friendly we can’t help but keep it, but Apple Music has such good sound quality. I had it for free for a few months when I bought AirPods and it was great, but way too clunky. So I’m staying with Spotify. Unfortunately.


Spotify gave much better playlist, but youtube community playlist been doing better these days so after 2 months of Spotify i switched back to youtube lol, spotify offer cool feature like group session, but i hardly using it after a while :/


I use spotify. It’s little expensive but they have a video range of musical artists plus podcasts too. I really love listening to podcasts even much more than listening to music sometimes. So I really prefer spotify much better. Youtube music is also great and have much wider range of artists than spotify. But I listen to both of them. I usually use spotify for listening to podcasts so that I can get the info I need and listen to youtube for music. Apple music is great but I don’t know if it works on android phones.


Please there are lot of errors in this due to auto correct. Auto correct on my phone is k!||!ng me rn😭😭. In first sentence it’s not video it’s wide.


I like Spotify the most bc you can find any playlist for any mood or anything. It’s fun


apple music is by far the best streaming service. they have THE BEST audio quality, the IU is good, and they also have the biggest music library – and even if there’s something you can’t find, you can add your own library yourself from your pc.

I’ve also tried Spotify but due to the poor and messy libraries, I decided to switch; also the sound quality is very poor, def not worth the money. on the subject of money, apple music is affordable esp if you’re a student + you can also enjoy apple tv+ content for free with your apple music subscription

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