The most successful solo male idol in Korea according to netizens

Who do you think is the most successful solo male idol in Korea?

If you had to choose 3 people…? I only know GD and Baekhyun

1. GD, Zico, Taeyang

2. I immediately think of GD and Baekhyun

3. GD, Kyuhyun

4. GD

5. GD, Baekhyun

6. The two of them and Zico?

7. GD, Taeyang

8. Rain, right?

9. GD, Zico

10. Reminds me of Taeyang, GD, Zico

11. GD, Zico, Rain, Taeyang

12. GD, Zico

13. GD, Zico, Song Minho, Taemin

14. GD, Zico, Rain

15. GD, Taeyang, Rain

16. GD, Taeyang, Zico

17. Rain, GD, Zico

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just wait for jungkook’s debut


You can wish, he’ll never beat these names🤷🏼‍♀️


He will


Idk in Korea but Jungkook is a worldwide artists, those korean guys mentioned above have to beat him. Jungkook’s at the top


You wish. They are not known worldwide as you think. They are always named as Chinese or a group who has a huge fanbase of teenager girls. Even in the BTS Festa video that was released 6 months ago, RM said they just can’t announce that they are going solo because people don’t know the members


Even with a world cup song he couldnt. BTS members have no names alone. Only their fans will mass stream mass buy mass download as usual like the other members.


The baekhyun insert 🤣🤣🤣
Exol really have no shame


never heard beakhyun these years..


Bc he’s on military service 🤡


Seo Taiji


Notice how no one mentions bts solo? 🤣

Lazy Banana

Because instead of cultivating their solo careers, BTS focused on group activities and are just doing whatever with their solo albums. They have all the $$$ they got. Their solo albums aren’t aimed at mainstream audience. They never went to any music show and just performed in award shows. And yet, they still break records. Jin’s The Astronaut was the highest solo debut on the Billboard Hot100 and that’s after the multiple rule changes made by Billboard. RM was the highest solo Korean entry on Billboard 200 at #3. I can see why yall jealous.


Imagine comparing doing well in Korea which is not even top 5 biggest music industry to doing well in America the biggest one. Your flops can keep boasting about Korean achievements while BTS dominates globally.


this post is already anti-bts in the first place lmao

I don't make the rules

So far: Rain (1st gen), GDragon (2nd gen), Baekhyun (3rd gen)
Deserves special mention Taemin bc he’s also an accomplished soloist and Jungkook bc he hasn’t debuted yet but he’s already doing great


Maknae line of BTS gonna carry. All three gonna have huge numbers.


GD, Baek Hyun, Zico, Tae Yang, and Tae Min.


It’s rain without doubt

uga uga

LMAO the post was intentionally made to bring hate to Baekhyun.
Yeah yeah king will be back from the military next month and EXO is doing a comeback, keep on crying.

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