The most successful unit among girl group units of all time

#36 on annual Melon chart

#10 on annual Melon chart


1. I thought of TaeTiSeo

2. I thought of Orange Caramel

3. I agree

4. I thought of Sistar19ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I still listen to Ma Boy… The song is amazing…

5. I don’t remember any of TaeTiSeo’s songs, but I still remember Sistar19’s songsㅋㅋ

6. I think of TaeTiSeo, but I also like Sistar19’s songs

7. I think of Orange Caramel, their impact was huge

8. It reminds me of TaeTiSeo, but I agree with you

9. Looking at the title, I thought it was TaeTiSeo

10. All of Sistar19’s songs are good

11. I thought it was TaeTiSeo, but as soon as I saw the post, I couldn’t help but admit it

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2nd gen’s subunits are just so good , starting from 3rd gen, groups rarely make subunits of their groups anymore, not the one that formed from debut but like in the latter years so group like nct that got shit tons of subunits and exo-k exo-m is not included in this talk cause they already confirmed to have subunits ever since they debuted


Friends by V and Jimin


sistar19’s iconic


jennie could never

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

Of course nobody mentioned the seoul cycles who are only good for washing old men feet and sleeping with old men at hotels


It was like Hyorin feat Bora though, Bora’s rap parts were too short

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