The most worrying thing from NewJeans fans’ perspective

The most worrying thing from NewJeans fans’ perspective

This is the relationship between NewJeans and CEO Min Heejin

NewJeans’ capital source is HYBE
From NewJeans’ perspective, HYBE is the father who pays child support.
Min Heejin is like a nanny who has taken care of them since they were children

Meanwhile, NewJeans members publicly expressed their opinions to CEO Min Heejin.
Parents of NewJeans members once wrote letters to CEO Min Heeji on their behalf thanking her for ‘difficult parenting’.

This is why fans say ‘Min Heejin = mother of NewJeans’.

If HYBE’s claims are true,
It is likely that members and parents were also convinced by CEO Min Heejin’s opinion
Yesterday’s statement also showed that NewJeans members and their legal representatives also agreed.

If NewJeans protected Min Heejin, they would definitely be like FIFTY FIFTY

For fans who know the relationship between Min Heejin and NewJeans better than anyone else, I don’t think there’s anything more worrying than this

1. HYBE will kick Min Heejin out, and if NewJeans insists on following Min Heejin to the end, HYBE will also abandon NewJeans. NewJeans will end up with this, but HYBE won’t close down their entertainment business because of NewJeans

2. NewJeans, make the right choice

3. How did NewJeans become like this?

4. Honestly, I don’t think it will be easy for the NewJeans members to break up with Min Heejin, because they met since they were kids

5. NewJeans are not like artists but like children cared for by Min Heejin. NewJeans is criticized for being Min Heejin’s puppet, but artists should be treated like artists

6. What mother would use her daughter as a shield to save her life? NewJeans and their families need to make the right decisions

7. However, I hope parents will make the right decision. Looking at HYBE’s statement, it seems like they are trying to protect NewJeans

8. I think I read an article saying that NewJeans parents are on Min Heejin’s side

9. I don’t think the members will easily abandon Min Heejin because their relationship seems so close

10. What kind of mother is she when she uses NewJeans as a shield to satisfy her greed?

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