The number of spectators in recent US tours by Korean singers

Agency / Artist / Number of spectators per show / Total spectator / Show / Schedule

1. Kingtan…

2. BTS is the singer on the stadium tour, 50,000 is the standard, they are daebak

3. I want to go to BTS concert

4. Wow, TWICE is doing so well

5. TWICE’s tour is bigger than I thought..?!?

6. BTS’ tour scale is the top in the world.. If they do this in 4 days with 50,000-60,000 people, they can tour with 200,000 people in one city

7. BTS is amazing in every way

8. Wow BTS’s class is different

9. I also want to go to BTS concert…

10. Isn’t BLACKPINK’s North American tour over?? They still have 4 shows left??

11. 50,000 per show?? Crazy…

12. HYBE and JYP are strong because there are many singers that under HYBE and JYP are doing well

13. Wow TWICE is growing well in the US

14. Wow, Stray Kids is on par with BLACKPINK…

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Txt about to have a much better tour, their last one seemed to be contracts PRE-COVID, their new one is 20k per stop.

WhatsThe Point

BTS concert tickets after 2025 about to be blood bath (as if it isn’t already 😭)




I watched YTC in Cinema very recently. &I burst into tears whenever I see the word ‘Tour/Concert’ be put close to ‘BTS’……..


Blackpink really carried by their SEA fans 😭


Bp competition was never BTS. Twink blonks need to get over it


You stan 7 twinks calm down


the only twink here is you


its Jimin wbk


Still munching my pussy like your fave slutnnie gargles white men balls. You look pathetic impersonating me because ur mad whorepink can’t compete with actual talent. Loser.


Your entire fandom is racist twinks so maybe go look in a mirror if you can stand to look at your ugly azz


What I don’t get about people dragging twice being in the us is they had the same if not a bigger scale concert in the us as bp bps tickets were just priced extremely high in comparison to twices both are doing well I’m confused as to why kpoppies are now trying to claim twices us leg was weak 😭😭


Twice biggest gg wbk


we have to laugh


Yet to come concert in Busan, proved that BTS has a potential audience of at least 50 million people. In addition, movie tickets are selling out in all countries to see a concert that we already saw online. 


Ateez is missing. They had 10 concert long US arena tour with average attendance of like 11k people.
I guess they aren’t there because only 1 of those 10 concert have officially released ticket sales numbers but at least they should have been put there like NCT127.
Also what makes Twice even more impressive is the fact that 2 concert that are missing from their data are the 2 biggest final concerts from their US tour the 2 concert they held at Banc of California Stadium with 22k people each day.


I hope this bich better see this post, who always have something to say about twice


By now you should all know that yg is only good at media play and twice is bigger than bp

Sophie Kate

TXT having concerts in literal theaters still cracks me up. Bighit was so wrong for that 😭


I didnt even get to go to the bts one and i know sooooo many others didnt bc we were so sure it was going to be a bigger tour so held out on buying tickets. Regretted it so much. Lesson learned…next tour… I’m going to as many dates as i can


All this and there are still ppl out there desperately deluding themselves that ARMYs numbers are actually just bots 🥴


why do you create a false narrative and force the data to lie and give imaginary records to the twice girls? the female group with the highest audience and highest grossing in the USA are Blackpink, with real facts and data that you cannot change with false narratives

Last edited 1 month ago by Champ

You should rename your name as champ of dvmbassess

Hi, I'm Guest

We all know (even their dumblonks) that yg keep adding midpink tour date not bcs of the demand, but bcs they just want to beat BTS tour record as highest grossing for kpop act even tho the attendees less than BTS concert attendees. Mid as always 😌

The Standard

what’s with knetizens lying about blackpink? they sold more than twice in the us alone


With overpriced tickets. Obviously they will dvmb fvck


The actual data of BLACKPINK – BORN PINK TOUR in the US:

The highest grossing K-Pop Girl Group tour in the US:

1 – BORN PINK – $31.643M (12/14, still counting)
2 – TWICE III – $12.344M
3 – IN YOUR AREA – $11.184;
4 – TWICELIGHTS – $4.290M

BLACKPINK is the highest grossing and most attending tour by a female korean act in history, and by many.

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