The number of spectators in recent US tours by Korean singers

Agency / Artist / Number of spectators per show / Total spectator / Show / Schedule

1. Kingtan…

2. BTS is the singer on the stadium tour, 50,000 is the standard, they are daebak

3. I want to go to BTS concert

4. Wow, TWICE is doing so well

5. TWICE’s tour is bigger than I thought..?!?

6. BTS’ tour scale is the top in the world.. If they do this in 4 days with 50,000-60,000 people, they can tour with 200,000 people in one city

7. BTS is amazing in every way

8. Wow BTS’s class is different

9. I also want to go to BTS concert…

10. Isn’t BLACKPINK’s North American tour over?? They still have 4 shows left??

11. 50,000 per show?? Crazy…

12. HYBE and JYP are strong because there are many singers that under HYBE and JYP are doing well

13. Wow TWICE is growing well in the US

14. Wow, Stray Kids is on par with BLACKPINK…

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