The person who is really the cause of HYBE’s current conflict

The person who is really the cause of HYBE’s current conflict

CEO Park Ji Won

Conflicts are created by including harmful clauses that need not be included in the contract

Min Heejin wanted to amend this clause and was refused.

HYBE also said that Min Heejin caused the incident after her large compensation claim was rejected during the process of amending this clause.

It is said that Min Heejin asked for 20 times more money instead of 13 times when making the change.

So if they just signed a normal contract from the beginning without any changes, nothing would happen, right?

1. There are people like this in every organization

2. Park Ji Won just did what Bang Si Hyuk wanted

3. What do you talking about? He couldn’t do it himself

4. It’s Bang Si Hyuk, not him

5. ? Isn’t this the person Bang Si Hyuk brought?

6. Is it Bang Si Hyuk? Even if you ask Min Heejin, she will say it’s Bang Si Hyuk

7. Bang was uncomfortable communicating with Min, so I could clearly see that he sent Park Ji Won to do it. The cause is Bang

8. But the biggest devil is Bang Si Hyuk. Do you think the public will be fooled by Bang Si Hyuk just because he chose Park Ji Won and made him a scapegoat?

9. Bang Si Hyuk is the cause

10. He is just Bang Si Hyuk’s henchman

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