“The picture looks like a work of art” BTS V’s Instagram story (with Park Bo Gum)

BTS V’s Instagram story (with Park Bo Gum)

Park Bo Gum’s Instagram story

The two of them were on their way back to Korea from France

1. I love pictures with this vibe

2. Both are handsome, their eyes are no joke

3. Isn’t it a painting?

4. Hul, it looks like a painting

5. Wow I like the vibe of the picture, the two of them are so handsome

6. They look handsome and their vibes are amazing

7. The picture looks like a work of art

8. The mood of the picture is crazy, both are good ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Wow, it looks like the cover of a French fashion magazine

10. It’s good to see handsome guys in the morning

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LGBTS Gaymin Ratjoon Horseok AnusD Flopjin Femcock Jennhyung

again these two gays. They fck Jennie also together ?

Gay? So jenhag is a man too? Not surprising 😭

WhatsThe Point

Tae is indeed a tiger 🐯


They both look little aged from before


Jennie so lucky can suck tae d1ck 🌶 😍

Jimin got yes jams

Jenhag sucks lismans deeck 🤩


Jenfad sucking ur dad d1ck wbk


Bogum fcuked slvthyungs holee. Look he even sent him a rose.
Best cvmrug in korea= slvthyung

Jimin got yes jams

Antis are always first to bts post. Obsessed breed

LGBTS Gaymin Ratjoon Horseok AnusD Flopjin Femcock Jennhyung

to be an anti is to much honor for btass, just jokers, cuz btass ugly and funny stupid overhyped retards.

Jimin got yes jams

Please stop talking about blonkponks here 😂

whorepink tease

Teenaged puppy

Taehyung is beautiful, successful and talented. No wonder slutpink’s twink fandom always camping under his post… their faves are 0/3


oh, look. jennie’s boyfriend and wanna be ig influencer is at it again. acting like a leech


I don’t see lisman


saying this when Tae has three times the clout whorenie has with less followers. Bitch been tryna be an influencer for years just to get bodied by a year-old account. Have shame enough not to set up this tramp.

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