The pictures of Suzy, Nana, and Jang Hee Ryung traveling together

1. Suzy and Nana are my favorite celebrities, but they’re close and that’s amazing

2. Wow, I can only see Nana.. She’s amazing

3. I love Suzy, why is she so pretty?

4. I’m not the only one who can’t find Suzy

5. It’s heaven with pretty girls

6. Suzy’s bare face is pretty too

7. All three of them are so pretty ㅋㅋ How close are they to each other?

8. What is the relationship between Nana and Suzy?

9. Suzy’s skin is really good

10. Jang Hee Ryung and Suzy must be so close

11. Wow, Suzy looks like she has no makeup on, but she’s the prettiest in the world

12. Wow Suzy is so pretty

13. Wow the princesses are so pretty

14. Suzy’s skin and face are crazy

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8. What is the relative between Nana and Suzy?

LEE DONGWOOK and Jang hee ryung.
Suzy bestfriend with Jang heeryung & recently nana has projects or something with her so she introduced Suzy to Nana.
Nana is Lee dongwook’s bestfriend from roommate while Suzy is his ex


nana so plastic and botched

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

nahnah one of the most overrated visuals. ugh

Last edited 6 months ago by pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Nana’s face without plastic surgery is very strange. the eyes that really change koreans the most


Nana showing yalls fave visual up

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