The ranking of songs on the Melon annual chart in 2023 so far

1st to 5th place

NewJeans – Ditto
NewJeans – Hype Boy
NewJeans – OMG
IVE – Kitsch

1. Younha is amazing

2. Wow NewJeans is crazy

3. Wow, Jungkook has two songs

4. This year seems to be the year of NewJeans

5. NewJeans has 7 songs, they are amazing

6. NewJeans and IVE are amazing but Younha is amazing too

7. This year is the year of NewJeans….

8. Younha is so good ㅠㅠㅠ

9. NewJeans and IVE are daebak

10. Wow, Spring Day is just a zombie

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