The reactions of the BLACKPINK members when Rosé’s fansite master gave her an invitation and said she was getting married

The reactions of the BLACKPINK members when Rosé’s fansite master gave her an invitation and said she was getting married

1. Their reactions are so cute.. Rosé was surprised

2. Jisoo is so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. It’s cute, but the comments are crazy. I keep watching the video

4. Isn’t it a sasaeng?

5. Rosé’s reaction is so cute ㅜㅜ

6. Why is Jisoo more surprised?

7. BLACKPINK and BLACKPINK fans get along well while keeping a reasonable distance, so stop saying bull$hit

8. Wow, the atmosphere is good, I’m so jealous of her

9. Wow, the atmosphere is really different from male idol fandoms

10. It’s like a fan meeting at the airport

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I knew it was a joke before reading the post cause there’s no way anyone in their right mind would agree to marry a Blink




Rosé fansites are really rich tho, they follow blackpink everywhere and attend many concerts around the world lol so they will be fine 😁. Other member fansites also rich 😌.

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bitterness and jealousy coming from a certain fandom. What don’t you have songs to stream? your faves are flopping and crying about struggling. Go support them instead cause they keep releasing new stuff hoping that atleast one song from them would become a hit.


Certain fandom = blonks


just like sugar keeps crying about depression and smokes, jhorse keeps crying abut being ugly, military jin is untalented and is was avoiding military due to his fear of dying, shitty rm supports rape, vapehyung does drugs, slutmin being a pedo and crying about being untalented and junkcock cutting his wrist bcoz he knows he is useless. We can see who is not right in the head.


dear god, you’re so miserable. the one who isn’t right in the head is YOU.
you’re so obsessed with bts. it’s like you hate stan them.

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

talking all that smack is crazy knowing damn well blackpink has the literal original mothers of dozens hidden in there..

weren’t yall also trending #jennieweloveyou hashtags cause that hag was crying on livestreams for rightfully getting called a dozen? 💀

always focusing on the wrong shit as per usual


crying on livestream? LMAOOO now you are lying cause Jennie never did a live streaming in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

focus on Jungcock’s fans stalking him in the gym and sending food to his house. Poor noosekook must be terrified and can’t even rest in his own house.🤭

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

Live Samsung Event, you’re free to Google it and see that hag tearing up for comments she rightfully deserves <3

That's the only thing you got? Sasaengs? LMAO. That's all.


Eeuww~blonks standard insults are too vulgar.. Just like jenfad acted in flopidol show.. The fans learned from the idol I fear


a blink AND a sasaeng… yeah, you’ll never be loved by anyone


a nobody on pannkpop… yeah, you should die


After you sir..


see that one


At least they do not go to gym and send food to their houses unlike Jungkook’s obsessed fans


another cringe post about a cringe group and their dumbass fans


another cringe comment from a cringe fan of a cringy, untalented, ugly and dumbass group. Ur faves will never be on the same level as BP. keep crying

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

“ur faves will never be on the same level as BP” and we thank God for that frfr kpop doesn’t need anymore untalented dozens


Blinks really overdosed on that media play. BP is not any better than any other 4th gen gg. No one is shaking because BP’s comeback is near.. be so serious. Media play is not actual success


MEDIA PLAY= PANNKPOP posts. Then we conclude that fugly baldhyung is a product of nothing but media play. He is literally posted here every single day


They literally posted about fugly baldhyung. Gtfo


Look at how fake dozensoo’s reaction is… Tsk tsktsk it’s just like her bad acting skills… sigh


You’re talking about jennie


Her too. Damn, group full of mid girlies

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