The real reason why AESPA was mentioned by Bang PD and Min Hee Jin

Why Aespa became the center of attention of Min Heejin when Newjeans only real competition to become Nation’s Girl Group is IVE?

Let’s think about it, IVE debuted in 2021 with hit after hit, top sales, and were on their way of becoming in the new Nation’s korea GG of the 4th generation, position NewJeans took with their debut.

So why Min Hee Jin suddenly made her press conference and recent accusation of Bang PD having plans to inflate sales to surpass Aespa?

Since when Aespa, that debuted in 2020 and were barely making noise after Savage in 2021, and had no hit song in 2022, was the sudden target of Min Heejin and Bang PD?

What had Aespa in 2022, their floppest year, that made Bang PD think they needed to be stepped on?

We need to go back a little after this, the reason why bang PD mentioned them must have been because Min Heejin was obsessed with having a girl group that would surpass SM current top GG, which was Aespa, as Red Velvet stopped being promoted long time ago.

Why did Min Hee Jin leave SM to begin with? because MHJ was in competition to take control of SM against Chris Lee, both were rivals.


With Chris Lee actually winning this battle and debuting Aespa with a concept that is the total opposite of Min Hee Jin style, the only hope Min hee Jin had to make it again in the industry was working for another member of the Big 3 or BigHit that were on the rise.

MHJ most likely received many propossals, but BigHit, that already had a trauma with past girl groups put their hopes and bank account all for her.

So no, Bang PD didn’t mention Aespa randomly because they were a threat to him, as the most logical competition to “step on” would have been IVE.

Aespa was only mentioned because Min Hee Jin must have shared with Bang PD multiple times she wanted to defeat Chris Lee as a personal revenge for taking the position she wanted in SM. Bang PD, who like a fool with a lot of money thought Min Hee Jin was his friend–or something more–decided to support her in her personal goal of surpassing SM, and, who knows? he could have also followed her in the idea of buying SM stocks in 2023 as revenge to Chris Lee…

This is the only reason even before Newjeans were revealed, Min hee Jin received massive payola, the chance to attend variety shows and give interviews as an expectative campaign for her Girl Group, because she wanted to introduce her name to feel realized against her long time rival.

And deep inside for a person as nascisistic as her, that was just the comeback of the woman Chris Lee tried to step on.