The reason NewJeans will do the best in the 4th generation

I think NewJeans will do the best in the 4th generation

NewJeans seems to be doing the best among the 4th generation girl groups

Even without HYBE, Min Heejin still has the ability to outperform small and medium agencies

NewJeans members have good skills, their fandom is getting bigger and bigger

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Some comments on Pann

“I’ll wait for their next album.. Didn’t Aespa also do well before? Stop bashing IVEㅋㅋ”

“STAYC’s debut song was pretty good, but now a lot of people don’t know about their comebackㅋㅋㅋ”

“I’ll wait and see what they can do, no one knows the future”

“I also think NewJeans will do the best”

“NewJeans has the best average visual among 4th generation girl groups”

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“even without hybe” lol hybe own 100% of adore


Will do the best? Delulu. Ive is the top right now.


‘Even without HYBE, Min Heejin still has the ability to outperform small and medium agencies’

yeah I agree , people understimates how well-known and popular min heejin is , people love her works with rv and f(x) , and when the news of her going to debut a girl group, everyone was anticipating on them . so it just funny when people said Newjeans got the Hybe privilege

the only thing hybe doing for newjeans are giving them budget and that’s it 🕴the songs , the promos , the planning all by Ador / MHJ and her staffs . even if they don’t have the budget given by Hybe and just an independent company , they’ll still hit big cause it’s Min Heejin.

Honestly Newjeans reminds me a lot of BP during their rookie year .


I don’t think so. Without hybe their results would not be the same.
Min hee jin leaving sm and going to hybe, then announcing to make a girlgroup is the biggest noise marketing the group had.


at first knetz didn’t even know they were under hybe, they always called them as min heejin’s girlgroup

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You forgot the amount of budget that hybe invested in Newjeans is not small. if they’re in other label, they maybe don’t have 4 different mvs, 3 title tracks, all songs promotion on mushows and an all out album in merch and design wise.


They had 2 privilege one of them is hybe the other one is this famous women I don’t think international fans aware of her impact in korea . She is smart and famous people were waiting for her new gg thats why they succeeded and yah also their music is good


currently on the minds of KPop fans are:
1. who is greater
2. Who is superior?
(pre order, album sales in a day, a week, LOL)
3. who is the most beautiful (visual)
4. war between fandoms, and bring each other down.
it’s just that I didn’t find it in any other country besides Korea.


it’s really getting unhealthy. no wonder people see kpop fans as weird


without hybe they still can do well?

you bet, hybe literally invest 16 billion won for their debut, min heejin can’t do it herself lmao


We’ll see. MHJ is known for her concepts but I think these types of posts are ridiculous and rude to the other directors/concept makers of groups from smaller companies. If anything groups like IVE and STAYC should be more impressive to make such noise despite coming from smaller companies. MHJ has had her name out there and even if ADOR is a new company, it’s also a subsidiary of HYBE which a lot of people consider to be a huge company now. The results match the funds that were invested. It would’ve been bad if NJ didn’t have any impact.


ive already had jang wonyoung and ahn yujin so it’s expected that they will make noise and stayc also had BEP, a pretty well knoe producer who made hit songs for ggs like twice & apink

ive & stayc’s agency are under kakao m, which is one of the biggest companies in korea just like hybe (but hybe invested a lot for newjeans’ debut, idk if kakao m did the same to ive’s debut or not)


Kakao privilege is funny for me cause kakao had 10 groups under them and all of them are flops. Starship is independent company they don’t benefit from kakao that much . And hybe is a MUSIC-IDOLS agency so they invest alot on idols while kakao never care about the idols and companies under them


It’s still too early to tell, but why are IVE catching strays? Leave them alone!~


The obsession on ive is real

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