The reason why IVE is being cursed by Stray Kids fans

IVE was greeting the fans

A member and that guy were running on stage from far away

But the IVE members were busy greeting the fans, so they didn’t see these members

When Yujin realized, they were already gone so fast, so she couldn’t greet them

In the end, IVE even greeted the staff

1. They bully women, and their fans bully female idols

2. It’s surprising that Hyunjin’s group says such things

3. Who is Bang Chan?

4. As expected, the fandom that supports the members who are school bullies is different

5. I feel sorry for IVE

6. Jang Wonyoung was criticized, but IZONE debuted in 2018, they debuted the same year as Stray Kids

7. I don’t want IVE to get involved in that group

8. I really feel sorry for IVE

9. Stray Kids fans are really crazy

10. I’m not even a fan of Wonyoung, but leave her alone…

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