The reason why Koreans are saying that Jungkook is the pride of Korea

Jungkook becomes the first soloist to have an official solo song for the FIFA World Cup since Ricky Martin in 1998

1. I’m so proud of Jungkook as a fan

2. Wow, I can feel Jungkook’s popularity. I hope the song will be as enjoyable as Ricky Martin’s song

3. Our maknae is amazing

4. BTS’s class is awesome tooㅋㅋㅋ

5. The fact that FIFA let singers from a country other than the host country attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup held abroad was a big hit, but it was a surprise when it was a solo song

6. I hope the song is good

7. Jungkook is seriously a superstar

8. I’m so excited, I’m so proud of Jungkook

9. Our Jungkook is amazing!!! I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it

10. The poster looks like a Marvel posterㅋㅋㅋ

11. I hope the song is good, Jungkook fighting

12. I’m so proud! Jungkook is so cool

13. Well, Jungkook is amazing, I’m so proud of you

14. Is it a solo stage? Seriously amazing

15. Jungkook is the pride of Korea

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WhatsThe Point

Pride of Korea but y’all don’t treat BTS and the members that way

Last edited 6 months ago by WhatsThe Point

He gets to perform because of Hyundai. shouldnt compare him to ricky


And Hyundai chose them as ambassador bcs they’re THE BTS. Let that sink in


Not with his past through 2020 😭😭 His fans are unbelievable!! That’s too much!


So, what was his past through 2020?


Then you’re new fan? 🥲


Damn idiot 😭😭😭 it was a freaking normal accident that could happened to anyone including you😭 the accident barely harm both parties. Be serious a bit will you? I thought he was selling drugs or involved in making illegal money or a suspect of a serial killer. U airhead of an dimwit! Even me in my elementary has accidentally crash someone with my bicycle 😭😭😭 Nexxxttt


Senguri fans also were defending him on twitter like 2 days ago! 😅 so it’s normal to see like your nonsense reply 😊
There’s no excuses for anyone who hit people on the streets ,cause all of his band can ride cars but … he was the only member who got into a freaking normal accident?!!! After this by 6 months he got another scandal with 97 line squad 🫢 for being out in Itaewon clubs during Covid! I think that was another normal accident 🙄


How could pimpri stans defended him when what he did was morally & totally wrong? U compared a freaking accident to a whole ass shady business? And what if he’s the only one? Did you expected all the members to be in accident just bcs 1 of them had one? An accident is not a fvcking food chain you fool. U seriously need to reevaluate your view on what is gravely damaging & what is an accident. Idk who your fave are but their music must be dumb to have you as listener & stans. Gosh this is amusingly sad 😣

Last edited 6 months ago by guest

You can search using the blog here too


What’s all this suppose to prove… my guy is a normal human being that’s the only thing this proves lmao


Then he doesn’t deserves the title of being the pride of Korea! 🤭 that’s was my point 😶 don’t make a normal idol like your fav as a God or something.




You’re thinking me as your fandom akages who called him as a criminal or whatever?! No I think he’s so normal idol of the industry so I couldn’t shut my mouth and agree on this topic! 😏 He doesn’t deserve the title and there’s another sad news , his song is featuring with an Arabic singer called Fahad Alkubaisi 🤭 so there’s no record for being the only solo track for FIFA since Ricky Martin 🫡


Dude, I don’t want even to think of you as any part of my fandom. Not even the akgae. I deserved to be slap if that ever cross my mind. God forbid! 😣 If an accident can caused an idol losing their title/award, u as a normal citizen that probably contributed nothing in your entire existence, in case u has an ACCIDENT, don’t forget to remove your human title & go back to your neanderthal form🙂he still be the 1st Korean act to perform for FIFA. Something u or fave can only wish. Even in dream, your fave couldn’t perform there😊


For years, Jungkook and BTS have been the pride of Korea, but they are still valued more outside Korea than inside. 


Talent won.🤭 V the “most popular idol” 🤡 can’t relate

cranberry musk

Jealousy about Tae won’t make nosekook more popular


You too, go join Fifakook sucking that tasteless dildos

Cranberry musk

When you find a new drag you make sure to give it plenty of mileage don’t you?


Both of you akgaes suck, there’s no need for new drag, you both don’t deserved one. Just keep sucking that rotten dildos of yours & stop talking bad about other members😊


There’s nothing to get jealous about Tae.😭 Jungkook is literally the most successful kpop soloist. He is thriving in music industry, he broke a lot of records meanwhile V’s fans don’t have any music related records to brag about their fave lmao. Well, V’s vocals suck, his enunciation sucks that his English song makes it hard for you to tell that it’s English. V doesn’t suit pop songs, his debut song would most likely a boring ballad song.🤭

Cranberry musk

Not reading all that bs… Tae is still more popular. Tae’s OST outperformed nosekook’s. Tae is up for a music daesang. And your fad???? ijbol


Taehyung doing great in his own. Not every music had to be pop. If he wants to do ballad, he can do it and that’s without you can b!+ching about it!


You go continue suck that tasteless dildos


Jungkook certainly is a national treasure :’) so proud of him


I’m waiting for jungkookie ‘s performance 🔥


I wonder if they are going to ask him the same questions as Maluma🤔


I can’t believe people really are praising JK for taking bloody money🤢


There’s more than 400k people died building the Great Wall of China & people still live normally. Even the countries of the foreign workers broadcasting the world cup in their country 🙃

bittrex vs binance

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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