The reason why netizens are calling BLACKPINK the Avengers group

But what’s fascinating about BLACKPINK is

In a group, there’s usually the most popular member while 1-2 members are inevitably alienated but all 4 of them really seem to be at the top, which is fascinating. They are all core members

Every time a member comes out with a solo, they break the previous member’s record. Lisa is the most followed celebrity in Korea and the 4 of them are all lined up as the most followed celebrities in Korea

It’s amazing how all four of them match luxury brands

How can these 4 be in one group?

[+266, -33]

1. [+94, -7] Me too and that’s why having another group like them in the future will be so difficult. That’s just a fact

2. [+76, -8] I’ve seen so many groups where only one member is so popular and successful, but I’ve never seen any group where all the members are so successful

3. [+67, -10] BLACKPINK is the only group where all the members are at the top. Usually, there’s gap between the popular and unpopular member. It’s fascinating that they’re all the top

4. [+64, -6] Lisa will reach 100 million followers this year

5. [+51, -8] They are the Avengers group

6. [+34, -43] They don’t seem like singers, they’re influencers

7. [+31, -1] I’m not jealous of idols because I know they have a lot of difficulties, but I’m jealous of BLACKPINK’s lifeㅋㅋㅋ Since their debut, they haven’t had a song that failed, they are so solid.. It seems that every moment of them shines

8. [+24, -2] For real

9. [+17, -33] The fact: They lost everything to NewJeans

10. [+17, -0] ..

11. [+16, -1] All four of them have different vibes and are all pretty

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6. [+34, -43] They don’t seem like singers, they’re influencers

They are only avengers in term of fashion lol. In music, they not avengers at all. I mean only 1 member seem interested in music. Another member always so inconsistent in performing.

WhatsThe Point

I- 💀

It's whatever

6. [+34, -43] They don’t seem like singers, they’re influencers


Ladyboy lisa

Easy they basically sell themselves 😘 💪🤤 work the grind…🤣

spicy spice

if “influencer of the year” was included in korean award show, that trophy definitely would be their 1st ever daesang lmao.


cringe.. avengers? is this 2018?


currently only rose is sincere about music. the rest are just using blackpink name to earn money


lmao 😂 blinks are desperate! they even stole bts’s nickname


ugghhhh just one post without you pity army crying and making bts relevant


Bts nickname is avengers group?That’s superM.


Avengers lamo how cringe. , actually terrible dinging and dancing and stage presence. Popular bc they’ve been pushed by corporates and platforms given every advantage. Op does not even know what avenger means

Color color stan

Avengers won in the endgame but where did the seoul cycles win 😂 bts is still on top and they are slowly being replaced by 4th gen ggs, avengers for what 😂


4 talentless whores + dirty SEA monkey stans = BLACKPINK IS THE REVOLUTION 😍🤩


U thought u ate 🥴


armys mad in 3 2 1


replies down here bitter as hell. lmao.

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