The reason why netizens guess BLACKPINK Rosé won’t renew her contract with YG

Rosé will not renew her contract, she’s going to Capitol Records under Universal

She’s the only K-pop singer that the president of the company is following

Halsey’s agency

Capitol Records is famous for being the US company of the legendary rock band The Beatles

The president is following Roséㅋㅋ

[+409, -155]

1. [+302, -10] He’s also been following IVE’s official account, so is IVE leaving Starship too?ㅋㅋㅋ Please say something logical

2. [+289, -20] Do you really think that if BLACKPINK disbands, your bias will take the place of BLACKPINK???ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+282, -9] I think she will renew her contract,,

4. [+250, -8] He’s also following IVE, right? He’s only interested in K-pop and he’s met Rosé at events, concerts, fashion weeks, and more. It would be more believable if you told me that they were datingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+249, -4] There are a lot of kids who don’t want them to renew their contract

6. [+205, -98] But BLACKPINK’s latest song was so much of a shame. What is ‘Shut Down’?

7. [+93, -8] I feel like she’s being pushed back by Lisa or Jennie in BLACKPINK, so I think she wants to do it alone

8. [+45, -1] BLACKPINK only shines when there are 4 people

9. [+39, -17] If BLACKPINK disbands, everyone except Jennie and Jisoo will leave

10. [+36, -22] Honestly, Rosé should do it alone

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why does it matter? it’s not like they wanna work anyways. lazy influencers will continue to be lazy influencers no matter who they’re signed to lol




She will cuz she is a leech. YG got her all those brand deals and buzz something she could never get in another company. None of these girls look passionate about making music contrary to what fans believe. we have not seen these girls make their own music or releasing it on soundcloud or where ever or sharing snippets of their work if they were so into it just like other idols do.

Continuing with YG guarantees their fashion deals and their contract renewal will cement how they are perfectly okay with their music output in YG and Teddy who gave them their music career. Blinks trying to come up with excuses for their music passion will be laughable.


The only leech here is v, leeching his friends over and over. Shameless


Projecting. BP sucking off of western validation tiddies for clout when no one fvcks with them in America actually. Tae is 10x more popular and important than his friends if anything they gain from being associated with him. Dumb bitch.


Insecure fuckers always crying in comments here.

Rosé with her 20 global campaigns, sitting unbothered. She will release music in future, good one at that just wait. Her 2021 album is still selling thousands every week.

Stay shining Rosé. Keep making these insecure idiots cry on pann comment section all the time! Peace out mfs !

Hi, I'm Guest

Most delusional shit I’ve read for today… Stay dehydrated & delusional blonker 💗


Jokes on you. Not a blonker here.

Just a person tired of seeing misogyny, slut shaming and disrespect thrown at a sweet angel like her just for existing.

And Eat shit loser! 🫶


She wanna leave a flop group to be an even bigger flop soloist????


Not flop stan worry about bp, worry about your faves whining abt military enlistment again then enlist like a shameless hag


Worry about enrolling in some English classes, whore.

Hi, I'm Guest

Naahhh~ she will renew. Fans too overestimated her passion for music. Her influencer self weigh more than her music career. They love what yg gve them. It’s always laughable when their blind blinkers always victimised these mid… Tsk tsk tsk


I mean, from all those social gatherings one would expect that networking would be useful for once, like being friendly with jeremy did.
from all bp girls, rosé seems the most interested in music (which isnt much, anyway) so it’s a possibility

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