The reason why netizens say that V and Jennie’s dating rumors are confirmed

Because of RM, looks like V and Jennie’s dating rumors are confirmed

BTS RM, wedding approaching (ft. prestigious family’s golden spoon girlfriend)”

Big Hit denies RM’s marriage rumors

YG and HYBE don’t comment on V and Jennie’s dating rumors

HYBE always denies dating rumors of BTS members, but they just ignore V and Jennie’s dating rumors

So their relationship is fact?

[+915, -173]

1. [+375, -58] The fact is that V is the only member of BTS who has never been denied dating rumors

2. [+346, -55] For real, it’s true that they’re dating, so they can’t deny it. The fact that the two of them like to play golf also makes it quite obvious

3. [+162, -26] The fact that V isn’t shooting poisoned needles in the back of their necks means that he’s basically admitting that he’s dating Jennie

4. [+113, -15] V’s fans are saying that he’s not dating Jennie and that the man in the Jeju Island pictures isn’t V. Their mental illness is severe

5. [+94, -46] It’s true that V is dating Jennie, so if Big Hit says he’s not dating, Jennie will be hurt

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Hybe had to deny rm’s rumour bc they are suing that yt channel.
About Tae and Jennie it’s no one’s business since they are not in public relationship

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