The reason why people say NMIXX Jiwoo’s vibes have changed a lot

NMIXX Jiwoo’s vibes have changed a lot

Is it because of her bangs??

1. Because she has bangs and lost a lot of weight!!

2. At first, she had pretty features, but she even lost weight so she became a princess

3. She was cute and pretty before, but she’s even prettier

4. She lost weight

5. Every time I see Jiwoo, I’m amazed at her beauty

6. Overall, she lost a lot of weight

7. No, NMIXX has a member like this??

8. Jiwoo is so pretty

9. She’s so pretty… Every time I see her on stage, I wonder why she’s not famous for her beauty

10. The bangs suit her so well, she’s cute and pretty

11. She’s getting prettier and prettier ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. She looks like an actress, so pretty

13. I think these are her legendary pictures

14. She looks like a rookie actress

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Another underrated kpop idol that lost a bunch of weight and then netizens overnight started saying they always loved her and she always stood out.


can we get one clear picture of her

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