The reason why the atmosphere at the negotiation table between Kakao and HYBE changed

“At the negotiation table between the two sides, Kakao affirmed: “We are ready to increase the purchase price no matter how much HYBE increases. If HYBE increases the purchase price to 220,000 won/share, we can afford to increase it to 240,000 won.”

1. In the end, the bigger company wins

2. Everyone knows it’s not worth much, but giving up is the right decision

3. But I’m surprised that no one objected to Kakao doing this

4. HYBE can’t win when the money battle starts, that’s the natural outcome

5. How can a mid-sized company beat a leading corporation in Korea?

6. Kakao really has a lot of money

7. But why are they so obsessed with SM?

8. Seriously… Korea is too lenient with big corporations

9. It’s hard for HYBE to beat Kakao in terms of money, so it looks like they made the right decision

10. HYBE lost because there was no money

11. Because Kakao has a lot of money

12. Wow money is the best

13. I’m so sad that SM became like this, I hope SM artists get good treatment

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both companies desperate to own sm.

Color color stan

Poor sm, trapped between two big birds like a small worm 😂


even so, both companies don’t want to spend more money on Sm because it’s not worth it with a vast amount.. also since kakao & hybe joined hands, sm is never safe..

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WhatsThe Point

Now we wait for kakao to remove sm artists music when things don’t go their way💀


That’s good lol. Their music is a pain


A pain for their rivals. Cause it’s better


That happened years ago 1 short time, the groups under kakao are fine including kpop queen IU. I know you guys wish SM downfall but better stop believing what you read on twt.


This is why people who don’t know anything about business seriously shouldn’t speak. Your bias is so clear it’s embarrassing how you just regurgitate false information. Kakao never removed the songs off spotify, their contract with Spotify ended and it was Spotify who purposely delayed re-signing because they have a policy that required them to negotiate global and domestic contracts at the same time. There was nothing Kakao could do in that situation.

Just say you are mad HYBE lost and be done with it lol

Color color stan

You’re defending kakao, the trash company, which, instead of arranging a contract with spotify decided it’s better to make fans of their artists suffer by removing entire discographies instead? Damn gurl, hm are they paying you

mother dozen

who cares tbh i’m just waiting for the idiots who are celebrating this to start trending #SM_RESPECT_[insert idol]. also i’m glad hybe didn’t spend more of bts’ money on a trash company, they’re already dealing with scum like pledis


About to have a laugh every time there’s a #SM_Treat_Group_Better hashtag going on 🤭

Everyone, place your bets — who do yall think the first ones are gonna be?

Last edited 15 days ago by stfu bitch
Gi Gi Hakusho

They are all screwed, kakao wasted money in an inflated price that in no way is sm current value, now they will exploit content to recover it ruining all groups, lowering their status. SM is over as a kpop legacy, the best some can do is to escape.


You guys seriously don’t know anything about business and keep talking such nonsense lmao. You honestly think Kakao cares that much about overpaying, something they are rich enough and can afford to do? They did it because they obviously are in it for the long term and whatever they pay now will be more than made up for it in the future.

Instead of spouting off inflammatory statements with no basis and doom posting about deals Kakao made with contracts your eyes have never even seen you should focus instead focus on the million dollars HYBE is still contractually obligated to fork out to Lee Soo Man every year lmao.


It’s funny yall try to ‘educate’ people on business when yall clearly don’t know shit, had any of you actually been aware of business and the way this WILL affect your faves; I promise none of you would’ve rooted Kakao.

But of course, your hate for HYBE and their main moneymakers is far greater than the “love”, artistry freedom, and comfort you lot claim to have and wish for your artists.

Anyways. Have fun dealing with Kakao in the long run 🥰


Well, yeah. But then again, if the rumors about some of their employees being ‘amicably laid off’ simply because they refused to agree and spread the ‘pinkbloods for kakao, our savior and future’ narratives, I don’t know how much of an option escaping is anymore. Especially for the artists.

White cat

Tbh I think hybe just want dearU and that other company. They already have it now. So it up to kakao to handle all the embezzling ceo and their corruption 🤣 at least pink blood can’t blamed hybe regarding their fav


Kakao is desperate to have sm and has caused the share price to go up a lot, now Hybe will sell and make a bundle, while sm and her idols will fall into kakao’s claws. Ah, karma is so sweet. 

Gi Gi Hakusho

Hybe just made a bunch of money and with a bump and dump caused by Kakao lol, and i bet some artists leaving SM’s disaster next will end up in Hybe sublabel.

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