The reason why the atmosphere at the negotiation table between Kakao and HYBE changed

“At the negotiation table between the two sides, Kakao affirmed: “We are ready to increase the purchase price no matter how much HYBE increases. If HYBE increases the purchase price to 220,000 won/share, we can afford to increase it to 240,000 won.”

1. In the end, the bigger company wins

2. Everyone knows it’s not worth much, but giving up is the right decision

3. But I’m surprised that no one objected to Kakao doing this

4. HYBE can’t win when the money battle starts, that’s the natural outcome

5. How can a mid-sized company beat a leading corporation in Korea?

6. Kakao really has a lot of money

7. But why are they so obsessed with SM?

8. Seriously… Korea is too lenient with big corporations

9. It’s hard for HYBE to beat Kakao in terms of money, so it looks like they made the right decision

10. HYBE lost because there was no money

11. Because Kakao has a lot of money

12. Wow money is the best

13. I’m so sad that SM became like this, I hope SM artists get good treatment

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