The reason why the audience was surprised when they saw Wendy at Red Velvet’s concert yesterday

It’s because of Wendy’s abs

Wendy has the body of a woodcutter but the face of a fairy

1. Her abs are seriously amazing, I envy her

2. Wow daebak… She’s crazy

3. Wow, her abs are really crazy

4. Crazy, Wendy seems to be working hard… I envy her abs…

5. At their concert yesterday, I only saw Wendy’s abs

6. Wow, she really doesn’t have any fat in her body… daebak

7. Wow… It looks like a sculpture

8. Wow, she must be working really hard, she’s amazing

9. She seems to be the strongest among female idols

10. I need to see her face and listen to the songs, but my eyes keep on her abs

11. She seems to be working really hard to take care of her body after being injured

12. Her abs are clearer than my future

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