The reason why YG has the ‘reliable music’ image and not SM or JYP

But how did YG earn the ‘reliable music’ image?

Everyone knows Big Bang, BLACKPINK, and 2NE1 have consistently achieved good results. But I also feel like SM’s idols have achieved even more daebak results, but they don’t have the ‘reliable music’ image

1. You eliminated iKON and WINNER, but compared to Big Bang and BLACKPINK, their results are disappointing. iKON took 1st place in the annual ranking before they failed, but I think WINNER is still doing well…

2. Big Bang’s image seems to be the most influential

3. Is it because YG artists are able to rank in the yearly charts?

4. SM songs are only for the fandom and YG songs are for the public

5. Because all YG’s songs are good

6. The reason idols fail even though they have musical talent is because the public doesn’t know about their performances

7. Because the public listens to YG’s songs more

8. Big Bang and 2NE1 influenced it a lot

9. Honestly, YG has the most popular songs out of the big three, and all of YG’s songs are popular, right?

10. Honestly, I agree with you.. There’s no other group that always has good results other than Big Bang, BLACKPINK and 2NE1

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