The recent situation of Ella Gross who’s famous as the 2nd Jennie

She has matured a lot, daebak

[+73, -24]

1. [+99, -36] She’s prettier than Jennie, why call her the 2nd Jennie?

2. [+91, -12] Her doll vibes when she was a kid are gone

3. [+81, -35] Whether she was a kid or now, she’s much prettier than Jennie

4. [+55, -24] She’s prettier than Jennieㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+51, -4] She looks like Han So Hee in the second picture from the bottom, but she’s been pretty since she was a kid

6. [+27, -3] She seems to have a bit of Devon Aoki vibes

7. [+10, -0] When she was a kid, she looked like a doll, but now she looks like a Korean-American

8. [+6, -1] They met recently

9. [+6, -0] She’s still pretty now, maybe because she’s grown up, but when she was a kid, she really looked like a doll

10. [+5, -1] Do you feel she looks like Nancy?

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she’s prettier than jennie thats right


But jennie’s prettier than u


nah you dont even know him/her, dont project yourself


But i certainly know she/he have rotten souls. Their face probably reflects on that, ugly souls ugly face


why would anyone wanna be known as a second dozen? 💀💀


She’s the it girl, and your jobless ass are camping on HER article 24/7: exhibit 1. Meanwhile your fave only have oli london that wants to be them🤣

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No one cares about Midnnie except Korea. The only place that has supposed Flatnnie copycats. Meanwhile, Jimin is a global it boy with actual clout and talent. Lazy, bad built Fadnnie could never.


twink jimin can’t never lift weights 🤣


The only twink dozen is blackpink and their fandom masturbating in their concert like yikes i know u all stan them just for ur wet dreams and coming for talented jimin can never make ur loser twinks relevant even after 2 years ur girlies flat asses can’t give 0 good performance to save their flat asses


Druggie Jennie needs to tone down her usage so she can stop looking like a crackhead on stage


Do Koreans don’t find Jennie pretty? I thought they did cause she is super famous in Korea. Why are they dragging her looks?
For me Jennie might not be god tier pretty but she still is pretty.


She was never visual member, but she fuck around a lot so she got famous 🇮🇹


youre kinda right tho, she began to be recognized as solo and apart from her group during her dating kai era (that scandal got big but didnt affect her), then with GD and now with V, it reminds me of selena gomez with nick jonas, justin bieber, etc.


when j debuted, j was called sea-ish & ugly. j has hype, but w/o the ‘celeb’ label, most would prob just walk past j & not think twice. don’t think j was an ulzzang equiv & the bullying statements from the 2-3 nz schoolmates did not mention anything abt j being model-esque.


Well I do agree that in bp jisoo is seriously very pretty but she still ain’t on the level of most girl group’s visual or visual line. But she is indeed very pretty. Not saying other bp members aren’t pretty, they are. But I can see why they get praised for their looks are because of their crazy big fanbase. But still calling jn a rat and shit isn’t morally right. I think we as ppl should use filter on these things sometimes.


So disrespectful to her, being compared visually to jennie 😭😭😭


Worry about fagjimin being compared to oli london. Accuracy level 💯


she really looks like devon aoki


is devon aoki and steve aoki related?


yea, steve is her half brother. they have same father


Yeah flatnnie definitely got her eyes done and liposuction


Horse face jhope gonna get another nosejob procedure next month


Let’s focus on Jisoo’s neck surgery before we worry about actual legends


Imagine having that nice skin when you were teenager, i got acnes ever since i got my periods 😭😭😭


im jealous of people with clear skin 😭 rich people too because they have money to go meet good dermatologist


YG kept dangling her on a string like she was gonna be something impressive for her mixed genes but they did too much now she’s like a soda without carbonation… ik Hybe was cackling knowing their mixed idol was prettier and they could actually use a surprise factor with her


hybe’s mixed looks common. not that nj mix looks awful, but if nj swapped w nancy, the nj mix would be nugufied too.

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