The results of the 2022 Melon Music Awards

Artist Of The Year: Lim Young Woong

Song Of The Year: “Love Dive” – IVE

Record Of The Year: BTS

Album Of The Year: “I’m Hero” – Lim Young Woong

Bonsang: IVE, Lim Young Woong, (G)I-DLE, MeloMance, NewJeans, BE’O, BTS, IU, SEVENTEEN, NCT Dream

Stage Of The Year: Concert “The Golden Hour: Under The Organce Sun” – IU

Best Rookie: IVE, NewJeans

Best Female Group: IVE

Best Male Group: BTS

Best Male Solo: Lim Young Woong

Best Female Solo: IU

Best Performance Male: TXT

Best Performance Female: LE SSERAFIM


1theK Global Icon: ENHYPEN

Global Artist: MONSTA X

Global Rising Artist: STAYC

Best Collaboration: “Just 10cm” – 10cm x Big Naughty

Best OST: “Love, Maybe” – MeloMance (Business Proposal)

Best Song Writer: Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Best Music Style: Big Naughty

Best Music Video: “Tomboy” – (G)I-DLE

Best Pop Artist: Charlie Puth

Project Music: WSG Wannabe

Netizen’s Choice: Lim Young Woong

Kakaobank Everyone’s Star: BTS

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genie music awards could learn something from mma ☝🏻 congrats to the winners , the daesangs are just like I expected who the winners are , didn’t expect ReOTY to be given to BTS , I thought it would go to That That and this is also what I’m curious about cause That That is not nominated in Best Collaboration .

it’s a close fight between idle and ive for soty but the judges probably voted/prefer more for ld than tomboy , too bad idle should get at least one daesang . Hope they at least will get one tho .


I actually thought MMA will give Record of the Year to G-Idle


bts album (proof) was the album with the highest digital score in the melon. And they were not nominated. That’s why they gave him Record of the Year, for having stolen his album of the year. Record of the Year the melon has always used it as a wild card.

other awards had no problem nominating bts album proof. with 6 new songs.

1 yet to come
2 Born Singer
3 Young Love
4 Quotation Mark
5 For Youth
6 Run BTS


ReOTY is 100% judges and judges have always picked BTS. That’s why they’re the only group rn that’s being recognized by the KMA. Tbh, it seems judges didn’t pick Idle for SOTY either since they and Ive are close in points but judges must have favored Ive too.


That That should’ve won best collab but I saw on twt that Kakao allegedly owns the company of the winner so you know why it didn’t win.


And Nothing for Taeyeon??


Not when Kakao M signed artist IU is there.


Best female solo should have gone to taeyeon imo


yeah she has the best streaming and ULs in Melon among female solo this year 🙁


IU is signed and has always been signed to Kakao M. Of course, a Kakao-owned Music Award show will give her the award.


Oh I didn’t know Kakao owns Melon… Isn’t that a kind of a conflict of interest that they have an idol company and also an award show which awards idols?


Global Artist💕 congratulations to all the other winners as well!


Kakao sponsored award show


Global Artist: MONSTA X
Global Rising Artist: STAYC

Kakao couldn’t help but give all their subsidiaries an award no matter how irrelevant and undeserving they are 💀💀


I’m so happy about bts’ awards but but there is an award in which our right is defeated. The global artist award should have been given to bangtan. No one else deserved this award but bts. In addition, a group that is not yet recognized in Korea receives this award. This proves that melon was an attendance awards this year as well 💀


Not recognized by Korea? Ok Karen🙃🙃🙃


Aside from global artist and best collab, I’m pretty satisfy with the result of MMA this year. And I’m so happy that our best contender won AOTY and ALOTY daesang 😊

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Thought the female group would be for gidle


Proud of BTS and of them getting their 67th daesang! They had a lot of impact this year (and esp so with their solo works too). I’m already missing seeing them at the year end shows (luckily, we’ll see Hobi at MAMA, tho).

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