The results of the title song of NCT Dream who got Daesang on the Genie daily chart

1. I think the organizers need to explain to convince music fans. We can’t ignore this

2. Wow…. I thought their song would make it to the top 10, but it’s disappointing

3. NCT is trash, SM is trash

4. How much money did SM give them?

5. This is too much, I don’t even know their song

6. It is said that the K-Pop industry exists in two completely different ways: SM and everything else

7. It’s ridiculous… How many people listen to NCT’s song other than fans? I don’t know what their song is

8. I guess I’m the only one who hasn’t listened to their songs, but there are a lot of people like me

9. Aren’t they ashamed to steal awards that other singers should get?

10. SM singers will never appear at award ceremonies if they don’t get awards

11. SM always buys awards

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