The results of the title song of NCT Dream who got Daesang on the Genie daily chart

1. I think the organizers need to explain to convince music fans. We can’t ignore this

2. Wow…. I thought their song would make it to the top 10, but it’s disappointing

3. NCT is trash, SM is trash

4. How much money did SM give them?

5. This is too much, I don’t even know their song

6. It is said that the K-Pop industry exists in two completely different ways: SM and everything else

7. It’s ridiculous… How many people listen to NCT’s song other than fans? I don’t know what their song is

8. I guess I’m the only one who hasn’t listened to their songs, but there are a lot of people like me

9. Aren’t they ashamed to steal awards that other singers should get?

10. SM singers will never appear at award ceremonies if they don’t get awards

11. SM always buys awards

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ive, gidle got robbed

Ive the real queens of kpop

Only IVE not the other hags. Hagsidle done nothing compared to ive. This year was only ive year. No one knows these hagsidle in Japan korea China. Only their bully made them relevant. And sometimes when these flops meet with other flops dozenwice and floppinks they become a news somehow. Ive don’t need to meet with other hags to gain popularity. Hagsidle songs were shit too. Can’t sing and dance and rap like ive. But want validation like Ive. Moving just like nshitty.


none.IYW got robbed.i saw the data last night he was winner of all daesang.he literally ruled that chart this year his streams were huge.


now bts is gone for a while as a group , all award shows reverting back to 2nd gen times 🏃🏻


lmao bts aint winning daesang with a song like ytc either

But I wasn’t done…

Ytc outsold your flops so…


But my faves did better on chart, longevity queen don’t need bots streaming farms


Bjt your favs cheat votes and use streaming farms


this was the most irrelevant & stupid reply to that just wanted to jump in like a clown & you succeed.congrats.

Ive the real queens of kpop

Ive is here and they will replace 875 easily. Already replaced floppinks and dozenwice. Nshitty was replaced by their new title only. These haggiest of the hags second genners can’t do anything against the real rulers of k-pop Ive.


we tried to stay away convincing ourselves that your faves trash supporters didn’t do sth against our boys but you really want armys to shit on you & your fraudulent group no?

Ive the real queens of kpop

Armchairs still think their hags are relevant🤣. Look at the numbers ive pulled and the awards they won with just their debut. BTS were crying and nugus during their debut. Meanwhile ive are literal queens. They don’t have to distribute flyers for ppl to come and watch their show. Knetz love them. Your hags do too. And we gaining armchairs in our fandom too on whose pathetic behaviour we laugh. They finally came to know who are the real future of k-pop and it’s just Ive. So speak these queens names with respect. Your hags third genner and second genners can only dream to have an impact like ive.


yea shake.shake more.i’m having fun seeing you shaking & screaming like this.there were so many clowns like you who got the illusion that their fave can surpass year,this day and you’ll be dead silent or maybe crying why your “knetz” turned their back at your qUeEnS & went to new groups.
& that day,BTS is still the biggest group in the world.
now scream more bitch.i want all the neighbors to hear your screams.

bangpink defender

those three outsold flopive.. has ive got a pak with their debut? #1 on spotify weekly? has ive got 10m sales and an album with 1 million preorders? did ive get #1 on bbh100? in conclusion, ive is nowhere near the top

Last edited 10 months ago by bangpink defender
Yoo yaho

Netizens a.k.a Fans A,B,C,D : Blah blah blah blah … *cries in the corner*

NcT : I don’t care what you say!!!
SM: Me too!!!

*Party on the beach*


Komen apasih anjir wkwk, denial amat kak wkwk


Loser just like your favs


*Shameless party on the beach*

Ive the real queens of kpop

Seeing nshitty and hag875 fandom together is so disgusting. Say your oppas to never come near our ive.


why you keep commenting this in every articles of nct? not even nct ever said that


this is so embarrassing 😭😭


this rigging really reminds me of when Kang Minhee & Lee Hangyul won on Produce X 101 because they never made it to the Top 11 at all but suddenly they were able to get into the final lineup 😂


probably GMA gave SM those offers so they can attend their show because the other companies rejected it lol

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