The rumors that BTS V paid for Perro’s treatment through ‘Seojin’s’ are not true

[Exclusive] The rumors that BTS V paid for Perro’s treatment through ‘Seojin’s’ are not true

According to the report, the person who had cared for the dog wasn’t BTS V but one of the show’s staff members who operated the drone camera

1. Anyway, I’m relieved that Pero was safely treated. Thank you so much to the production team and V

2. Why are they doing business with good stories they don’t even know well?

3. Why did they fabricate something like this?

4. V didn’t do anything wrong

5. The staff must have felt unfair ㅋㅋ

6. But there’s no reason for V to be criticized

7. If V sees this, he’ll be so embarrassed

8. It was just written by a fan who misunderstood and the reporter didn’t check the facts

9. Everyone says V is an angel, but what is this?

10. Reporters should check the facts before writing

11. Why are you guys mocking V? He didn’t do anything wrong

12. Looking at the comments, I don’t understand why V is being mocked

13. I heard that he is the only member in BTS who has never donated

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It doesn’t matter who paid as long as the dog is safe w a home.

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If other group’s fans did that I don’t think you will say it doesn’t matter


But when its a bts member doing it, their fans be like “looookkk oppar is so angelic”. Does t matter who paid, your ass


V never donating is such a joke. People.should stop spreading that stupidity.


They cant lol they are all these influencers who donate just to show off, these people have forgotten the basic principles of donations that majority of us are taught


btch,he asked the Mexican staff to do it & that staff adapted it too.
& why should he be embarrassed when EVEN IF he didn’t do anything,a mere misinformation motivated his fans to donate for stray animals protection organizations in less than a day?


Ok but where is this info from??

Didn’t the fan who posted about the story already say local staff member adopted perro??

She said her mom is a vet and he paid for the vet and then it got adopted by a local staff member. So where’s, the catch?


It’s from journalist who contacted crew, I guess he wanted to make some material about “v’s good action” so contacted directly & got such answer (while other articles were what fans send to reportes as ml fans usually do).
As for fans and their lies, well, first of all it’s not the 1st time army or solos lie or twist info for group or member to look good, 2nd I assume that probably some fan maybe saw him near there and assumed it was him “who was kind hearted” (while in reality this dude actually never donates, he the most greedy one out of ml who are already the greediest members so tbh the situation was sus from start)


Obssesed ugly fat bitch get a life


That’s not what’s written on the article tho. The reporter didn’t say he contact anyone. He just wrote “an official said” so what’s that official exactly?


Doing charities does not need to be public. It’s up to the people if they want to share it to the public if they really donate. These knetz 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Color color stan

“Confirmed” by haters lol. kmedia really hates bts so much.


this time it’s not kmedia fault, it was his fanbase for spreading that lie that the media wanted to confirm it if it was true.

Color color stan

13. I heard that he is the only member in BTS who has never donated

If taehyung’s donation ever becomes public, this no-life pann girlie will comment that he’s an attention seeker and that donations should be quiet. keep on hating girlie, I know you’re one ugly korean mf behind your screen 🤭


Very well said 👍


As long as the dog got into a good home, then kudos to everyone for involved for it.

Why should anyone criticize Tae for this when he didn’t do anything wrong?


Why is army always making up story to make their bias image looks good? And always making up story to put down other idol. The most toxic fandom after EXO-L


Said the obssesed piece of shit who is commenting on a post that has nothing to do with your faves . Fucking weirdo


Maybe because their fav is so irrelevant pannkpop don’t have a post abt them 😂


Worried about Tae publicly donating from knetz who have probably never donated in their lives


Knetz really think they’re gonna find out if Taehyung donated? Btch we haven’t even seen his sister and brother when the rest of the members we have at least 1 photo. 😭 We never even saw him leave for Mexico before, only when he was going home did we discover. 😭 Yall never gonna find out cause he is a very very private person, we only know what he’s willing to share


Do you know that most of idol or celebrities that are very private usually a trash? Because they’re hiding something and faking their image .
Want some examples?
Park Yoochun, Kangta, GD, Chanyeol, Sehun, Bobby ikon, and mooooooreee.

Be careful someday there will be news of his drugs or shotgun marriage


Don’t reflect your fave on him fat ass ,go get a fucking life ,get someone to fuck u or make a friend instead of being a fucking loser hating on someone famous on the Internet fucking sad ,fat virgin bitch you are a waste of air.


Honestly news were sus from the start cause dude never donates (ml in general donate very rarely but he is the most greedy) so to think he suddenly decided to help some random god was quite questuonable. Great that staff was so kindhearted and help that dog.


Bitch you are so informed on what he does and doesn’t do pathetic ass, while your actual faves must be fucking Floping or selling their asses to be relevant


I mean, op said Tae was the one who asked for the vacuums and the treatment but this is Kmedia’s fault for not checking the info before posting. Tae has nothing to do with it


tbh its his fans fault that spread it & then armys got the hold of it. all k-journalists did was ask the sojin staff if it was true.


Woh first time thought that V is
actually great person but……Anyway it’s good that dog is safe


You’re so obsessed with my boy go focus on your fades , bye .


Not coming from a Jennie stan!!! Of all people????


Jennchild lol ho focus on that untalented horrible prostitute


From what that Mexican fan said Taehyung is still someone caring who made Perro be taken before left , no reason for you to slander him when he literaly say nothing from this story.


let me guess?? PArk pigmin akgaes again ???????


better than pork pigmin who donated 10k dollars to his own fanpage to buy his own album

Last edited 4 months ago by guesthouse

Media already reported that Taehyung is the one who paid for his vaccination & the daughter of the veterinarian confirmed it even she posted a picture of perro Infront of that restaurant so believe whatever you want ! Bye!


13. I heard that he is the only member in BTS who has never donated .
How tf you know he didn’t donate anything and even his donation get exposure you and other haters will still hate him without any reason so stfu .


That’s why fact checking is important. Reporters are so lazy but this is not as bad as that “guy” who supposedly died because he wanted to look like jimin.


everything taehyung does will always be wrong for these people



Jimin Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100

that’s what you get for media playing too much

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