The security guards for HYBE boy group &TEAM yelled at the airport today

“Get out of the way! Just get away! How many times do we have to tell you?”

“Do not step out! Do not step out, do you hear me?”

1. Aren’t they so rude?… From the fansign to the airport… They’re crazy

2. I’m sorry but did HYBE buy out Gimpo airport or what…

3. HYBE, an obnoxious company, always fights with fans and treats them like trash

4. There aren’t many people but they’re crazy, if they yell like that at the airport, they’ll have to pay a fine

5. What’s with the umbrellas indoors?? Isn’t that like the biggest nuisance to the ordinary civilians?

6. There must be more members than fans, but why are they like that?

7. I don’t understand why they’re being so extra for this nobody Japanese group. You’d think it was NewJeans at the airport

8. Even with BTS, they won’t protect them like that. What the hell are they doing?

9. They are doing noisy marketing?

10. Who is this? Some Japanese boy group? Go back to Japan and never come back

11. No, this group is not popular in Korea, why do they do that?

12. I’ve heard of them again, but all I can hear is controversy

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