The shocking scale of TWICE’s North American tour

The scale of TWICE’s North American tour

SoFi Stadium (Capacity: 70,240 people)
Globe Life Field (Capacity: 40,300 people)
MetLife Stadium (Capacity: 82,566 people)
Truist Park (Capacity: 41,084 people)

1. TWICE is daebak!!!!! They are the group that perform well on stage and work hard in everything, and make me feel happy every time I see them. Congratulations

2. Now that they have become singers who hold stadium concerts in North America, congratulations to TWICE!!!

3. Is the tour scale bigger than BLACKPINK’s?

4. I’m so proud of TWICE, fighting!

5. I thought TWICE was doing well in Japan, but their popularity in North America is no joke

6. I heard that TWICE is more popular in the US than I thought

7. There are a lot of people fighting in the comments, I hope they perform in bigger venues and do well in the future

8. Just looking at the Billboard charts, it seems that the overseas fandom is huge

9. Wow, I never thought a girl group would hold a stadium concert in the US

10. Daebak, TWICE seems to be so popular in the US

11. Wow, They’re the one top girl group in Korea and Japan, and now they’ve got a solid foothold in North America too

12. Wow, I really didn’t know that TWICE was so popular in the US. They are seriously cool

13. I’m in LA, I’m not a fan, but I want to go because TWICE has many songs I like

14. Is this the biggest North American tour among girl groups?

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So cool twice, blink can stop crying 🤣


they already making money with their world tour with 2-3 dates in the same place, while twice only make tour with 1 date and few places. try harder

KYS Dear Guest

Who are they? OP clearly said blinks not BP. You acted as if you are makin more than any Twice member. Try harder broke bitch.

It's whatever

lmao, that doesn’t tell you anything. out of 25K people going to an arena, 20K could go for 2-3 dates.
They could make the same money, but they don’t bring more people nor they buy more merch lol
I think even suga solo tour makes same numbers as bp concerts


Are you dvmb? I think you are. Go home. Twice are thriving and we love to see it.


Twice is the only k-artist to tour the stadium in Met Life and Sofi stadiums after BTS. Giving concerts in these stadiums is really difficult. It is especially important to fill all the capacity.


People like to bring up streaming but twice has a strong core fandom once do not stream for shit but twices American legs are always super successful to the point where non fans even go


you mean strong core fandom but could only charted them on bbhot100 for a week then out of the chart? they should buying more album then


Using jimin’s nickname to trash on other ggp just cause your 4 girlies are too invested in modelling rather than catering their fans issue is not our problem. Stop using jimin’s name as if you all lot are not always coming after that poor soul for nothing.


Shut up pajama

John. Xina

But without their Spotify deals and 200 million paid playlisting BP would only chart for 1 to 2 weeks so.


You saying “twice has a large core fandom who don’t just mindlessly, artificially, try to boost their streaming numbers”

this isn’t the serve you think it is.


Twice broke enough streaming records in their rookie years, after a while it no longer matters.
They’re still successful and doing amazing tours.


And Midpink??? Exactly.


Couldnt even get those arenas sold out


Which arena?


Arenas in which twice have already performed

It's whatever

I’m glad twice is getting bigger venues than BP because honestly, they deserve it. They work so hard all year, every year, and their performances are solid.

On the other hand, I’ve only seen BTS going on stadium tour on US, twice is already on that level?

In any case, congratulations and I hope everything goes well in the first part of the tour.


Honestly, its feel like experiment to book stadium in US using twice so jyp can do so for skz.


It doesn’t matter. Cause Twice name will still be printed on gold letters now cause despite various ppl doubting them from beginning they are doing these amazing great things.
Bgps will always be ahead of ggps in various things. But Twice are kind of making things here for ggps. That ggps can do this too.


The fact that you could not even book some of these venues if you don’t show that you have demand. But twice did is commendable in it own.


Meanwhile flopsuga doing arena


I know you’re not comparing a first solo tour to a group tour? if you wanted attention you could’ve just said that 💀


I‘m proud of Twice


I’m sure they’re glad that you’re a fan 🙂


Twice flop

KYS Dear Guest

List down your achievements honey 😚

Yor not mi

Woah whoa whoa.. your name hunny.. hesus is watching

spicy spice

“US won’t eat them cuz they never prefer cute concept”
“how can twice went to US market when none of them can’t speak english”

the fact that twice always remains quiet (without any heavy mediaplays) and BOOM. ngl all of them really have ‘that’ passion to become an idol so their concert fancams always satisfying to watch. anyway congrats.

seungri is free

wtf Look at their faces 🙂 we dont need these ugly idols

spicy spice

it must be hard to trolling around like this. pathetic.

seungri is free

Boring group for 40yo unpretentious kpopies 🙂


can they please come to europe?? i’ve been a fan for years and i really wanna see them live but i don’t have the money (or the know-how tbh) to attend a concert in japan, korea or the us 😭


Europe ain’t cheap either :p


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