The shocking scale of TWICE’s North American tour

The scale of TWICE’s North American tour

SoFi Stadium (Capacity: 70,240 people)
Globe Life Field (Capacity: 40,300 people)
MetLife Stadium (Capacity: 82,566 people)
Truist Park (Capacity: 41,084 people)

1. TWICE is daebak!!!!! They are the group that perform well on stage and work hard in everything, and make me feel happy every time I see them. Congratulations

2. Now that they have become singers who hold stadium concerts in North America, congratulations to TWICE!!!

3. Is the tour scale bigger than BLACKPINK’s?

4. I’m so proud of TWICE, fighting!

5. I thought TWICE was doing well in Japan, but their popularity in North America is no joke

6. I heard that TWICE is more popular in the US than I thought

7. There are a lot of people fighting in the comments, I hope they perform in bigger venues and do well in the future

8. Just looking at the Billboard charts, it seems that the overseas fandom is huge

9. Wow, I never thought a girl group would hold a stadium concert in the US

10. Daebak, TWICE seems to be so popular in the US

11. Wow, They’re the one top girl group in Korea and Japan, and now they’ve got a solid foothold in North America too

12. Wow, I really didn’t know that TWICE was so popular in the US. They are seriously cool

13. I’m in LA, I’m not a fan, but I want to go because TWICE has many songs I like

14. Is this the biggest North American tour among girl groups?

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