The singer who is the most popular in each country

1. Asia, Pacific

In China, IU and EXO are still as popular as 2nd generation idols like TOP, GD, and SNSD

BTS dominates in Japan and India

BLACKPINK is generally popular in Southeast Asia

2. Americas, Europe

As expected, BTS is overwhelming, BLACKPINK is popular too

3. Russia, Turkey, Middle East

You can see Jungkook is as popular in Middle Eastern countries as BTS and BLACKPINK. Maybe because of the World Cup

4. Africa

As expected, BTS is overwhelming, BLACKPINK is popular too

1. BTS is overwhelming in many countries

2. BTS is also so popular in Southeast Asia, they only ranked 2nd in 2 countries. Overall, BTS seems to be the most popular

3. China is the weirdest..

4. Wow BTS, BLACKPINK and Lee Min Ho are so popularㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

5. BTS are seriously living legends… Looks like they’ll continue their stadium tours even after their military service is over

6. I know IU is popular in China, but she’s more popular than I thought

7. I heard that BLACKPINK is only popular in Southeast Asia, but they are more popular in North America than I thought??

8. Except for China and some Southeast Asian countries, BTS is overwhelming

9. Seriously, BTS dominates the world music market

10. Wow~ BTS is the best

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