The songs are considered the top 3 hit songs of 4th generation idols up to now

Aespa – Next Level


NewJeans – Hype Boy

1. If you ask me about representative songs of the 4th generation, this would be the right answer

2. Hype Boy for real.. I’m still listening to this song

3. Next Level is the weakest of these songs, but Next Level opened the 4th generation

4. Wow the lineup is crazy

5. What’s more surprising is that Hype Boy is still in the top 10 of the music charts

6. I never get tired of listening to Hype Boy

7. I agree

8. Hype Boy is the best… I still listen to it now

9. Isn’t this the beginning of the golden age of the 4th generation?

10. Next Level opened the 4th generation. When I think of NewJeans, I still think of Hype Boy rather than Ditto

11. The lineup is really good

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