The stage that I personally think is the best among the cover stages at SBS Gayo Daejeon ever


It was crazy

1. This is my first time seeing Rosé’s dark hair color, and it suits her, I think I only see her blonde hair every time

2. I remember seeing Jennie at Theqoo because the outfit was so pretty ㅋㅋ It was a live performance

3. Everything was really good on this stage

4. I agree

5. I admit, I’ll have to watch it again

6. Crazy… I thought it was a BLACKPINK song…

7. I like it more than the original song

8. I really enjoy watching YG idols’ stagesㅋㅋㅋ

9. They don’t fill the stage with lots of dancers and raise the scale, but fill it with their own skills

10. The arrangement is really good and BLACKPINK sings live so well

11. I don’t remember the original song, but sometimes I miss BLACKPINK’s So Hot so I search for the stage

12. They were really good. They even performed live, so it was fun to watch their stage

13. Wow, they’re so good, as expected from BLACKPINK

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i wanna say damn, they fell off but they’ve always been shit


Ok lip sync stan


Life of a Blink:

– wake up in a mud house without electricity and running water

– skip school to go to a streaming farm to add automated mv views and have internet access

– open twitter

– talk shit and spread lies about BTS, Twice or any other trending girl group

– watch the same 3 performances from 2016 for the nth time

– tweet about the same 3 performances from 2016 for the nth time

– talk more shit about BTS, Twice or any other trending girl group and call them poor and irrelevant

– get kicked out by the owner of the streaming farm at midnight

– walk back home to mud house


You’re so jobless for all of these, go find a hobby or go make friends lmao




Get a mirror


IJBOL. I am not even a blink but you really are loser.😭 wth! A whole ass list??? 😂 You must be a former blink or you are doing the same shits for your faves now. It takes one to know one.💀

Jj dw

Funny i letterally had a friend who would skip school and not sleep. Spend night streaming bts’s songs now i remind her of it she cringes alot


Not you making a research on BLINK 101 lmfao. Blinks must’ve hurt you so much for you to be that bothered.

d d

just a note: BTS is not a trending girl group


They do live??


Since day one


Let me just say it. This whole thing was just hyped up for no reason even now their fans just hype this shit up like they made god tier or something. Personally I like wonder girls orginal song more. It’s always better to listen to original. Blinks love to claim even this song as theirs but sorry this song belongs to wonder girls and Jyp. And they did the best with this song. No one can beat the original.


Lmao go learn what remix songs is about and come back later. U sound like a dumb hag


I don’t care about your opinion. Remix did severe damage to the originality of that song. And maybe you ppl with busted eardrums who are used to noise music may like it. But not a lot of us. So maybe go and learn what an opinion mean first before lecturing over here.

Jj dw

No metter how much u shit on blackpink they will always be successful pretty rich and hzppy reading your comment i just laugh cuz yzll sound salty af like a pool of mud filled with haters barking at eachother while blackpink being successful touring being pretty and rich and blinks being happy seeing thrm


whatever you say, mud house SEA fan


Dumb hag

d d

I’m not even a Blink but OMG you’re a racist jerk. the worst kind of person. no wonder you’re posting as “Guest.”


Lipsync stan thought they listened to good music cause thier girls looking young underage

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