The stock price of entertainment industry rose up after the news of BTS Jimin topping Billboard Hot100

2023.04.05 SBS Biz News

One of the good news that had a positive effect on the stock price was the news of Jimin’s No. 1 Billboard Hot 100. Jimin of the group BTS became the first Korean solo singer to top the Billboard singles chart with the title song of his first solo album, the entertainment industry also rose.

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“Ripple effect on stock prices of other major entertainment companies” and their stupid fans dragging him. Damn he’s saving kpop.

Color color stan

A twink like you has a problem with masculinity? The self-hate 😂


Who is the twink? YG ? Oh yess…the criminal record too is so disgusting

Color color stan

Just here to praise user Larry for the dedication to be updated on bts’ posts and even took the effort to link their twitter account just to comment essays after essays. if you exerted this much effort for your favs they won’t be flops but here you are, focused on my favs who are doing so well and has no need for more attention but thank you anyways 😂 keep on the internalized hate fat twink lol

Hi, I'm Guest

Jimin is carrying hard kpoopies fave & their companies. Be grateful flop stans, Jimin be doing charities for uols floppers


Jimin doesn’t your back hurt from carrying the entire kpop industry on your back?


User post lol

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