The story of seeing BTS V on the flight to Paris yesterday

“What are the chances of being able to reach Paris with V in the seat in front of you? My heart fluttered for 14 hours. I was surprised by V’s great manners & surprised by the real appearance once more. My husband, who is not interested in other people & celebrities, said that V’s proportion was really crazy”

Her husband also saw V

V yesterday

1. I’m so jealous of everyone’s wealth

2. I’ve heard a lot of stories that BTS is really kind and has good manners

3. They were in the same space for 14 hours… I’m so jealous

4. V’s back looks cool too ㅠㅠ

5. I want to see V in real life too, I’m so jealous

6. V hyungㅋㅋㅋ As expected, Taehyung has the best manners

7. Why are there comments saying that she has invaded V’s privacy? Do you really think it’s not good to praise V for having good manners?

8. Her husband is so cute ㅋㅋ V hyung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. If V is by my side, I won’t feel tired and bored even if I fly around the world

10. Even V’s proportions are perfect ㅋㅋ

11. V is amazing in real life, his physique is good

12. I’m so jealous of that couple

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how are they so sure it’s a couple and not people pretending to be a couple


coz she clearly said her husband


ah yes because nobody lies on the internet

アグネス ⁷

Because based on the story, V looks comfortable with the couple, that’s why the couple said V has great manners. If they’re sasaeng, he won’t even take a glance at them.


Its so funny to me how certain breeds (jikookers, akgaes and blonks) try so hard to paint him as a fucked up rude person but then not a single person that meets him irl or who works with him has anything but praise for him that’s what happens when people cant find shit on you and try to makeup things


lol aren’t taekookers doing the same thing to jimin?


No they are not. While I am not going to defend taekookers coz that breed is disgusting as hell but they are all bark.

On the other hand jikookers have been running a smear campaign against tae ever since last year.

They were the one who were actively involved in trying to create a personality scandal, they are the one who were actively supporting that psycho literally tried to take down several tae fanbase who were trying to get rid of that fanbase, back in April j-jikookers were exposed for organizing a hate campaign against him, few days ago when someone translated it in english they tried to bury it by trying to take down the op.
Jikookers were literally trying to create fake rumours about how he is a bully but fandom caught onto it and they were exposed, but guess what that didn’t stop them they tried stated spreading how he is homophobic but again were slapped with proof.

Jikookers have been so out of control lately coz they have never really been directly called out by our fandom always indirectly or in club so they think they can do whatever they want.

So no even though shippers are shit jikookers are monsters. Ship wars are very common and shippers crossing lines and getting put back in their place is not uncommon but since jikookers are getting free pass their delusion has started running so deep that they are ok with trying to ruin someone’s career over an imaginary ship, just coz some people think he is coming in between their ship.


nah. you seriously aren’t here saying taekookers aren’t as bad as jikookers and are all bark. you don’t get to say that taekookers aren’t as bad when the both breeds are twins lol

are you forgetting how taekookers teamed up with blinks to actively trend #bangmin? or how they constantly say that jimin and jungkook are doing fanservice whenever they interact? how they call jimin as pigmin?

or how the model from paris had to suffer from homophobic remarks because he clarified fake naratives shared by taekookers? and how a jewelry brand (mikshimai) that pointed out that jungkook and taehyung aren’t wearing couple jewelries was harassed and bombarded with death threats?

how jungkook’s brother had to leave his original IG because taekookers were angry that he drew jimin? how filipino taekookers boo’ed whenever jimin and jungkook interact during the cinema viewing of PTD concert?

even the existance of taekook_lives who has 400k+ youtube subscribers and millions of views who constantly implies the “jimin is a homewrecker, jungkook is a cheater and taehyung is a poor damsel in distress” idea is sickening itself.

i won’t get into taekook shippers groupchats being discovered because they freely hate jimin on their main twitter anyway lol

taekookers are larry shippers 2.0. they even have their own cult symbols


Literally said in the very beginning how taekookers are bad but plz half of the things are not true and other half is being tackled
1. #bangmin was started by blonks and literally the whole fandom including taekookers called out those fuckers who joined it.

2. My post was about how jikookers attack taehyung so idk how mentioning this mental illness was helping your case if taekookers do the same to jm helped but since you mentioned I will give you an actual example, jikookers harrassing wooshik’s brother coz they didn’t want to believe taekook went out bowling together, they harrassed resturant where taekook went in America by emailing them constantly, or the whole ass yt video they made harrassing resturant owner so that she says jikook is dating.

3. Jungkook brother left his insta coz of jungkook akgaes and immature armys who blame his brother for using jungkook’s clout, and this has been going on with almost all members family, hobi’s sister has spoken up about it.

4.taekook lives is dealt with by the whole fandom but if I mentioned peaches, Georgia, kmbasis they have such massive following and are yet to be called out by the whole fandom.

Lastly all this bs not once has crossed the line where it threatened jimin or jungkook’s career but what jikookers are doing lately if not exposed beforehand would have costed him his career or atleast left a big mark on it you just can’t compare shipwars to that. The fact you are diminishing the kind of shit they are doing to tae and still not stopping tells me who you are.

Just reverse the roles for a sec and put jimin in tae’s position and taekookers in jikookers where they are executing hate campaign against him and trying to make up rumours that can possibly ruin his career this whole fandom will be on fire and taekookers will be name called while rn since its jikookers its “you all shippers”.

Not once did I say taekookers are good but jikookers are so bad and the fact you feel called out by that tells me everything I want to know

But I wasn’t done…

This is true. All shippers are terrible but jikookers have been out pocket for nearly two years unchecked. Jimin gets his smear campaign but none as steadfast as what Tae has been getting lately. It’s daily and relentless.


Especially people go out of the way to praise him in particular even among bts members. There have been many stories with the staff who pointed out how V was specially kind, took care of them and treated them with so much respect. He cares about everyone around him.

Even the reporters are so fond of him and every bts run episodes celebs or trainers that attended talked about how Tae approached them and was so lovely, attentive even after the episode. He is the purest human being in existence who treats everyone with love and respect, even his highschool, college friends speak about him so endearingly in every story but antis wanted to paint him as rude and a herm cuz they have nothing against him to drag him lmao. The cleanest idol with the most upright image so they will make up anything to bring him down. It’s sick.

WhatsThe Point

Y’all are disgusting tryna stalk him. Literally saw a person follow him to the elevator.
He hates stuff like this, he literally expressed gratitude for armys pretending to not know them in Hawaii. Took back exit to avoid crowds in Paris.

But I wasn’t done…

Our kind little tiger will always have actually gp support. That’s what happens when you a genuine person


The sweetest bean. I love him


1. I’m so jealous of everyone’s wealth

i’m sorry i laughed so hard


Not a single person that meets him has a bad thing to say about him but we supposed to believe Knets when they say he’s rude. 😂😂

Edit: I don’t know why this was posted ohh see your remark lol oops 😬

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I didn’t t surprised because tae always known as sweet and kind since his debut ages…


Army‼️ please vote bts on mama. Jhope is going to perform his solo stage let’s give them more awards

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